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Early Edition Season 1
Утрешен вестник Сезон 1
1996 Комедия Драма Сериали
23 x 41 мин. 7.5

Early Edition Season 1 / Утрешен вестник Сезон 1 (1996)
Early Edition Season 1 / Утрешен вестник Сезон 1 (1996)

Жанр Комедия Драма Сериали
Държава САЩ
Година 1996   23 x 41 мин.
Режисьор Ian Abrams, Patrick Q. Page, Vik Rubenfeld
8.9 /10
Актьори Кайл Чандлър, Shanésia Davis-Williams, Фишър Стивънс, Били Уорли, Кристи Суонсън, Джеймс Дутър, Майлс Джефри, Луис Антонио Рамос, Сюзън Сайделман

Kyle Chandler
"Gary Hobson"

Shanesia Davis
"Marissa Clark"

Billie Worley
"Patrick Quinn"

Luis Antonio Ramos
"Miguel Diaz"
След като съпругата го гони от дома му, Гари Хобсън (Кайл Чандлър) е принуден да се изнесе на хотел. Това е обикновена понеделнишка сутрин, като изключим загадъчния вестник, доставен пред вратата му от още по-тайнствена жълта котка. В началото Гари не обръща особено внимание на вестника, но скоро вижда че това е всъщност утрешния вестник. Първото нещо, което Гари прави, е да се възползва от борсовите показатели без разрешението на шефа си. И тъй като вече си е взел свободен ден от своята собствена работа на борсата, решава в сводното си време да изкара малко пари на бас, които да даде на Мариса (Шанесия Дейвис) - секретарката от предишната му работа, която е сляпа и има нужда от куче-водач. След като доставчикът на новините за Гари претърпява инцидент, той си дава сметка, че е могъл да го спаси. Вестникът е дошъл цял ден по-рано все пак с някаква цел. Така Гари решава да осуети престрелка в банка, което води до пълен хаос. Но нищо не може да попречи на вестника да пристига всяка сутрин, точно в 06:30, но с утрешната дата.

Виж всички сезони на Утрешен вестник тук:
Кадър от епизод Pilot
Епизод 1 - Pilot

After being kicked out of his house by his wife, Gary Hobson is forced to move into a hotel room. It\'s a regular Monday morning, apart from a mysterious newspaper that is delivered to his door by an even more mysterious Orange cat. At first Gary doesn\'t pay much attention to the newspaper, but after a while he realises that it isn\'t a regular newspaper, it\'s tomorrow\'s newspaper.

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Кадър от епизод The Choice
Епизод 2 - The Choice

Gary must choose between stopping a fatal plane crash or saving the life of one girl.

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Кадър от епизод Baby
Епизод 3 - Baby

Gary helps Chuck deliver twins in an elevator after Chicago has a blackout due to Gary\'s inability to stop street workers to keep a water pump turned off. Meanwhile, Gary keeps chasing for a mysterious blonde woman while his ex-wife attempts to get back together.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 4
Епизод 4 - Епизод 4

While searching for answers about the paper, Gary becomes involved with a reporter who is suspicious of his apparent knowledge of a certain story.

Гледай този епизод
Кадър от епизод Епизод 5
Епизод 5 - Епизод 5

Lottery fever grips Chicago with the jackpot climbing every night. Meanwhile, Gary tries to understand why someone would want to steal the Mayor\'s dog.

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Кадър от епизод Hoops
Епизод 6 - Hoops

Gary tries to stop a popular basket-baller with a medical condition from risking his life on the court.

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Кадър от епизод After Midnight
Епизод 7 - After Midnight

Gary has to stop a 17 year-old single mother from abandoning her child. But as always, Gary gets more involved with her than he should, and finds out she left home pregnant and now works for a drug dealer. Meanwhile, Chuck uses the paper to get a date with an attractive woman he had to share a cab with.

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Кадър от епизод Gun
Епизод 8 - Gun

Gary poses as a social worker in order to stop a little boy from shooting his brother, but he gets more involved with the family than he should. Gary steals the gun, but has to give it back after the paper announces that the wife will be beaten to death. When the husband drops by, Gary shows up with the police, but little Tommy had already stolen the gun and almost killed his brother. Meanwhile, Chuck has a really hard time trying to get rid of the cat\'s fleas.

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Кадър от епизод His Girl Thursday
Епизод 9 - His Girl Thursday

Meredith is back. She wants to pick things up with Gary where they left last time they met. But the paper seems to be in the way of Gary developing anything deeper with her, since he doesn\'t want her to have access to it. She promises not to read it, but Chuck walks in on her reading the paper. They make a deal, and Chuck wins over 15 million in the stock market. He gets in trouble and steals the paper to lose the 15 million, but Gary thinks Meredith stole it. After reconciliation, Meredith leaves for Washington.

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Кадър от епизод The Wrong Man
Епизод 10 - The Wrong Man

Gary has to stop a man from his old office from killing himself. Marcia visits him with the news that she\'s getting married. She won\'t reveal the identity of her soon-to-be husband, but Gary finds out it\'s Phil Pritchard, his old jerky boss. Gary is not happy about it and a series of accidents make it look like he\'s trying to purposely hurt Pritchard and get in the way of their wedding. When the paper brings the headline that Pritchard is going to be murdered, Gary refuses to help him, but Chuck convinces him to do so. He also must stop Sam (the office mailboy for the past 9 years) from killing Pritchard.

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Кадър от епизод Christmas
Епизод 11 - Christmas

Gary has to stop a bomb from killing 20 ice skaters on a park. He goes to Det. Crumb for help, who still doesn\'t quite believe Gary. The headline on the paper changes to a department store, but still the bomber seems to be ahead of them. Meanwhile, Chuck is arrested for not paying 106 parking tickets. In his cell there\'s a man who thinks he\'s Santa, and he convinces Chuck to escape from jail and steal a car to deliver the gifts.

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Кадър от епизод Frostbit
Епизод 12 - Frostbit

It\'s 20 below zero in Chicago but Gary still has to rescue people around the city, even if the paper doesn\'t bring any important news. Plus, Chuck temporarily moves in to Gary\'s place after the heat in his place goes down, which is just another reason for Gary to be out of the house. He keeps running into a homeless kid, who is later featured in paper saying he froze to death. Now Gary has to find the kid, who got stuck under a pipe of an abandoned building. They both get locked there after the door is blocked, and now they rely on Chuck to save them from freezing to death.

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Кадър от епизод Mob Wife
Епизод 13 - Mob Wife

Gary and Chuck get mistakenly involved with the mob after they save a gangster\'s ex-fiancée from being shot. They spend days trying to escape from trouble and death themselves, and to make it easier Chuck falls for the woman.

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Кадър от епизод The Wall (1)
Епизод 14 - The Wall (1)

The paper reveals that the U.S. president will be murdered during his upcoming visit to Chicago - by Gary.

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Кадър от епизод The Wall (2)
Епизод 15 - The Wall (2)

Gary continues to try and stop the assassination of the president while eluding the FBI who is convinced Gary is the suspected assassin. His friends try to protect Gary from exposure.

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Кадър от епизод Bat Masterson
Епизод 16 - Bat Masterson

Gary meets an ex-cop who took the identity of Bat Masterson to continue his work against crime. The guy seems to be crazy, but helps Gary with his paper duties. As he learns more about Bat (or Mike Killebrew, his real identity), Gary discovers that he went crazy after his partner died.

Гледай този епизод
Кадър от епизод The Jury
Епизод 17 - The Jury

Gary is chosen to serve as a juror in the trial of a man accused of stealing money from his company. Since the defendant is defending himself the judge has the jury sequestered, which means Gary can\'t get access to the paper.

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Кадър от епизод Psychic
Епизод 18 - Psychic

Gary is unable to stop a child from being kidnapped and looks for help in Claire (a psychic who pursued him about opening a fortune telling business with her after he saved her from dying). She \"\"felt\"\" there was something wrong with the child, but Gary thought it was just a part of her act.

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Кадър от епизод The Cat
Епизод 19 - The Cat

Gary takes the cat to the vet thinking he\'s not feeling good. He is obligated to leave him there overnight, but rushes to the clinic in the morning for the paper, only to find out it\'s not there (nor is the cat). The cat mysteriously appears at Eunice\'s (the vet\'s mother) house with the paper, and Gary wonders if the cat decided to abandon him. He later finds out that the cat only wants him to save Eunice, who was madly in love with Lucius Snow 40 years ago and is now dying from cancer.

Гледай този епизод
Кадър от епизод Phantom at the Opera
Епизод 20 - Phantom at the Opera

Gary saves a woman named Emma Shaw from being murdered during an art robbery. Gary keeps helping Emma establish herself in the city and develops romantic feelings for her, but the paper keeps getting in his way and interrupting their dates.

Гледай този епизод
Кадър от епизод Faith
Епизод 21 - Faith

Gary and Chuck wait on a bridge to help a man who will be run over by a car, but they don\'t realize that the man is Gary, who is knocked out unconscious. At he hospital, Gary meets a girl named Rachel, who is waiting for a compatible heart. Rachel questions Gary about his beliefs in God, a role the paper imposes him to play after announcing that Rachel will find a heart – from a young boy killed in a hold-up. Now Gary must choose between ignoring the boy and letting Rachel live or saving the boy, at the cost of Rachel\'s life.

Гледай този епизод
Кадър от епизод Dad
Епизод 22 - Dad

Gary\'s father, Bernie, temporarily moves in with his son after his wife kicks him out. After learning about the paper, and enjoying helping others, Bernie decides to stay permanently.

Гледай този епизод
Кадър от епизод Love is Blind
Епизод 23 - Love is Blind

Marissa is at school, when Gary saves a college professor from being killed. Marissa soon has dinner and a study date with this student she meets.

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8.9 /10
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