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Inazuma Eleven Season 1
Иназума Илевън Сезон 1
2008 HD Екшън Анимация Приключенски Азиатски Сериали
26 x 25 мин. 8.0

Inazuma Eleven Season 1 / Иназума Илевън Сезон 1 (2008)
Inazuma Eleven Season 1 / Иназума Илевън Сезон 1 (2008)
Жанр Екшън Анимация Приключенски Азиатски Сериали
Държава Япония
Година 2008   26 x 25 мин.
Режисьор -
Актьори -

Главният герой, Ендоу Мамору, е много талантлив вратар и внук на един от най-силните вратари в Япония, който умира преди внука му да се роди. Въпреки че има невероятни умения, в училището му липсва истински футболния клуб, както на шестимата други членове, които до този момент не изглеждат заинтересовани от тренировките. Веднага след като мистериозният нападател Гуенджи се премества в града на Ендоу, младият вратар държи да намери и вербува членове за неговия отбор.
Виж всички сезони на Иназума Илевън тук:

Yūki Kaji

Haruka Tomatsu
"Kudou Fuyuka"
Кадър от епизод Епизод 1
Епизод 1 - Епизод 1

Raimon Junior High\'s long-neglected soccer club is suddenly presented with a request to play a match against the legendary Teikoku Academy! But there\'s a catch! If Endou does not succeed in getting 11 members for the club to play against Teikoku, the club is going to be disbanded!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 2
Епизод 2 - Епизод 2

Raimon have their first practice match. The downside is that they must face the number one team in Japan: Teikoku Academy. While watching Teikoku warm up, Kabeyama gets scared and excuses himself to go to the washroom. Since he didn\'t come back, Endou and the others quickly looked for him, only to find that he managed to get himself trapped in a locker. After some encouragement from Endou, they all go back and the match starts.


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Кадър от епизод Епизод 3
Епизод 3 - Епизод 3

The Raimon team is getting it all together after the fight against Teikoku! But Someoka is jealous that he doesn\'t have a hissatsu technique like Gouenji. He\'s trying his best to create one, but he just can\'t seem to do it. Will he be able to create one in time for the next match?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 4
Епизод 4 - Епизод 4

The match against Occult is about to start! But before that, Gouenji joins the team and Someoka is irritated by it. During the match, the members are having trouble deciding which forward to pass to and the team is falling apart. Will they be able to make a comeback in time before the match is over?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 5
Епизод 5 - Епизод 5

The Football Frontier is about to start and Raimon are up against the terrifying jumpers of Nosei Junior High in their first game. Everyone agrees that unless they come up with a new technique, they are finished before they even start. Just when all hope is lost, Endou finds another notebook written by his grandfather!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 6
Епизод 6 - Епизод 6

veryone but Kabeyama is pumped up and ready for their big game against Nose. Kabeyama\'s fear of heights is getting in the way of the Inazuma Drop and without it all is lost. Will he get over it in time to save the day, or will his fear cause his team to lose?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 7
Епизод 7 - Епизод 7

Raimon are training hard for their next game in the Football Frontier, and people are beginning to spy on them; including their next opponents - Mikage Sennou Junior High. The trouble is Mikage Sennou have them all figured out, and if Raimon want to beat them they have to move up to the next level!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 8
Епизод 8 - Епизод 8

It\'s another big game for Raimon, against the cyborgs of Mikage Sennou.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 9
Епизод 9 - Епизод 9

Gouenji is injured and out of Raimon\'s next game, but their opponents are the weakest team in the whole tournament, so winning shouldn\'t be a problem. Endou and his team doesn\'t know much about their next opponent so they go to a maid cafe to know about their team.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 10
Епизод 10 - Епизод 10

Raimon Junior High is looking stronger than ever, but so are the forces against them. But so desperate are their enemies to stop them from succeeding at any cost, they cross the line and unwittingly expose themselves!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 11
Епизод 11 - Епизод 11

The big game against Teikoku is only a few days away, but unless Raimon can find a new coach then they\'re out without even setting foot on the field! The whole team is looking high and low, will they find one or not?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 12
Епизод 12 - Епизод 12

Raimon arrive at Teikoku Academy for the biggest game of their lives, but before they can begin they have to dispel the cloud of suspicion hanging over the place. Kageyama has set some kind of trap, he has secretly losen the roof of the stadium but Kidou knows it. He tells it to Endou who believes him and gets his team safe when the match starts. Raimon thanks Kidou for his help and they play the finals in a fair manner. Will Endou and his team will be able to win this match?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 13
Епизод 13 - Епизод 13

With Kageyama safely shut away, the game against Teikoku has properly begun, and it\'s a real game this time. Whoever wins this comes out on top. But with the story about Kidou and Haruna in his head, will Endou hesitate on winning the game?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 14
Епизод 14 - Епизод 14

Raimon still can\'t believe they beat Teikoku and are the new District Champion. After the celebratory dust settles, a mysterious figure walks into Hibiki\'s ramen bar. Is he really from the legendary Inazuma Eleven? Coach Hibiki decides to revive back the legendary Inazuma Eleven and calls for a practice match between The Inazuma Eleven and the Raimon Junior High. There the Inazuma Eleven shows the Raimon Junior High some new hissatu techniques and Raimon were able to perfect the Honoo no Kazamidori.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 15
Епизод 15 - Епизод 15

Raimon have set their sights on the Nationals Tournament and they\'re determined to win it. They\'re working hard to get there, but there are lots of obstacles - first there\'s the threat to their precious clubhouse but Endou is able to save it. Secondly, there is a possibility that Kazemaru might leave the team after meeting up once more Miyasaka Ryou and his other friends of Raimon\'s Atheletics Club. Will his passion for soccer make him remain in the team?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 16
Епизод 16 - Епизод 16

With Kazemaru still on the team, for now, Raimon can move forward and concentrate on the Nationals. And they\'ll need to - their first game is against the speedy Sengoku Igajima Junior High. If they don\'t win this, the dream is over before it\'s even begun!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 17
Епизод 17 - Епизод 17

The narrow victory over Sengoku Igajima has given Raimon confidence, but on the other side of the tournament, everyone is shock at Teikoku\'s complete defeat at the hands of Zeus Junior High, which is 10-0.What should Kidou do? If Raimon wants to beat them, they\'ll need to train even harder, and maybe even recruit new members!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 18
Епизод 18 - Епизод 18

With their firepower boosted by the addition of Kidou Yuuto, the team are ready to tackle Senbayama Junior High and their unbreakable defense. But unless they get their pass coordinated, all their hard work will come to nothing! Will they able to break the iron defense?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 19
Епизод 19 - Епизод 19

Ichinose Kazuya is back! Like a phoenix he has risen from the ashes and come back to visit his old friends. Just in time too, Raimon is desperate for some new moves, and the Tri-Pegasus is just what they need. But can they perfect it in time?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 20
Епизод 20 - Епизод 20

Raimon are getting ready to play their next big opponent - Kidokawa Seishuu , which just happens to be Gouenji\'s old school. Certain members of that team still carry a grudge against him and will stop at nothing to get their revenge. This results into a practice match with the Mukata triplets vs. Endou. Unfortunately, Endou doesn\'t stand a chance against Triangle Z ! Will Raimon lose at this rate?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 21
Епизод 21 - Епизод 21

The Mukata triplets and their grudge are dominating Raimon at every turn, but they need to find the strength to overcome their malice if they\'re going to make it to the final. They are trying to take on everyone on their own, and not co-operating with the others. If they don\'t work together, their dream is finished!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 22
Епизод 22 - Епизод 22

Raimon Junior High are through to the finals, but they\'re all getting nervous about playing the terrifying Zeus Junior High. Endou is convinced he\'s not good enough, and if that weren\'t enough to rattle nerves, it seems that Kageyama is working on some fiendish plot behind the scenes. Will he sabotage Raimon?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 23
Епизод 23 - Епизод 23

As the finals against Zeus draws nearer, so does Raimon\'s anticipation and dread. The team are working hard, but the level they have to reach seems beyond their grasp. Will they get it together in time for the finals?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 24
Епизод 24 - Епизод 24

The big game with Zeus is almost on top of them but Endou still hasn\'t mastered Majin The Hand. Coach Hibiki decides to have everyone spends the night at school at a sleepover training camp. The members of Inazuma Eleven brought a machine with them which was used by Hibiki to master the Majin The Hand which in turn didn\'t work out for him.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 25
Епизод 25 - Епизод 25

This is it, the finals of the Nationals has arrived. Zeus Junior High storm to an early lead and nothing Raimon Junior High does has any effect on them. Are they really gods? Or is something else going on? Either way, if Raimon don\'t turn the game around they\'re going to get annihilated!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 26
Епизод 26 - Епизод 26

Raimon Junior High are down by three goals and are getting clobbered by the soccer gods of Zeus Junior High.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 27
Епизод 27 - Епизод 27

Raimon\'s victory proves to be very short lived, as only a few minutes after their win, the sky falls in. All of a sudden the earth is overrun by aliens! What will Endou and the others do about this out of this world development?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 28
Епизод 28 - Епизод 28

The Raimon Eleven have stepped up to try and save the world against the soccer players of Aliea Academy, but it\'s like pitting an ant against an elephant. Meanwhile, the president is in danger from the very same threat, and indeed the world itself.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 29
Епизод 29 - Епизод 29

The Prime Minister has been kidnapped by aliens, and Endou and the others are determined to help him. The Inazuma Caravan travels to the park where he was kidnapped, ready to beat the aliens off. But wait — who are THESE people? And why do they claim the Raimon Eleven to be aliens?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 30
Епизод 30 - Епизод 30

The Raimon Eleven never gives up, and they\'re going to try again against Aliea Academy. They go head to head, but the Aliea Academy is too powerful. But in the end, Endou gets seriously injured because of the coach\'s choice, and one of the team members is asked to leave...

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 31
Епизод 31 - Епизод 31

The news that Gouenji is kicked off the team doesn\'t go well with most of the Raimon Eleven, especially Someoka. He carries the grudge all the way to Hokkaido with the team, as they search for the mythical ace striker - Fubuki Shirou. On their way to the freezing land of Hokkaido, the mysterious striker\'s hometown, they came across a stranger freezing in the cold. Who is he and where did this stranger come from?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 32
Епизод 32 - Епизод 32

Raimon finally arrives at Hakuren, but the thing that shocks them is that..... they see the same person they saw the last time, and it was revealed to be Fubuki Shirou. Now, Raimon starts a match with Hakuren, what will happen in this match?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 33
Епизод 33 - Епизод 33

Fubuki is officially part of the Raimon Eleven, but there is still some teamwork to work on. But by showing his teammates a brand new way of practicing (snowboarding), maybe Fubuki can bring them to a new level and bring the team together!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 34
Епизод 34 - Епизод 34

Raimon have leveled up through their snowboard training and are ready to face Aliea Academy one more time. But do they have what it takes to beat them? And even if they do, what else do Aliea Academy have in store? Surely not another team..

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 35
Епизод 35 - Епизод 35

Just when everyone thought the earth had been saved, Aliea Academy attack once more, this time with Epsilon. These guys really mean business, and they\'re going to beat up Manyuuji in Kyōto. A new member is entering the team by the help of Haruna? Who is he? Will Raimon be able to help them, or is it too late?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 36
Епизод 36 - Епизод 36

After the crushing defeat of Manyuuji Junior High, Raimon step up to take them on, with Kogure Yuuya helping out on Otonashi Haruna\'s urging. The results are strange and disheartening, but also encouraging in a way. They\'re going to have to do a lot of hard work though!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 37
Епизод 37 - Епизод 37

Raimon has a new member, Kogure, who plays pranks on them all the time. Still, they\'ll need all the help they can get, because of a e-mail that Hitomiko received, saying that Kageyama is back, in a huge submarine-based soccer stadium and that he created the Shin Teikoku. Also he\'s managed to turn two of Kidou\'s old teammates, Sakuma Jirou and Genda Koujirou, against him! To worse the situation, Sakuma brings out a forbiden hissatsu, Koutei Penguin No. 1!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 38
Епизод 38 - Епизод 38

Raimon are stuck in the middle of a game against True Teikoku Academy, and Kageyama has convinced its players to use any means to win; even if it means the destruction of their minds and bodies. Can Raimon show them the error of their ways before it\'s too late?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 39
Епизод 39 - Епизод 39

Raimon finally comes home to recharge their batteries and to train a whole lot more. They find out that everybody\'s been training to help them, including some old opponents! But all is not well on the team, the tough training has proved to be too much for one member in particular.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 40
Епизод 40 - Епизод 40

No sooner do they arrive home, and Raimon are back on the road again - this time they\'re heading to Ōsaka where it\'s rumored that Aliea Academy have a base. The team doesn\'t find any aliens there, but they do find a bunch of strange and powerful girls - with a secret!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 41
Епизод 41 - Епизод 41

Raimon find that the CCC\'s secret training facility under the amusement park is a great place to train, but where did it come from? No time for questions, everyone has to train and train, because Epsilon is almost here again!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 42
Епизод 42 - Епизод 42

The big game against Epsilon is here, and Raimon come out with all their might! Will they be able to fight back the aliens? Meanwhile, Fubuki is having an identity problem that threatens to tear him and the team apart!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 43
Епизод 43 - Епизод 43

Unexpected news about another notebook of Daisuke sends Raimon to Fukuoka, where they meet one of Daisuke\'s old friends,and someone who might just become Endou\'s apprentice. When the team sees what Tachimukai can do, they\'re amazed!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 44
Епизод 44 - Епизод 44

The exhibition game between Raimon and Yokato Junior High is a knuckle biting affair. Both Endou and Tachimukai are showing off their Goalkeeper moves. When seeing Majin The Hand Tachimukai trys to learn it too. He fails many times, but manages to complete it a few episodes later. Meanwhile they\'re being watched - just who IS this Hiroto boy?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 45
Епизод 45 - Епизод 45

Hiroto, who is actually Gran, captain of The Genesis - challenge Raimon to a game. It quickly turns into a one-sided match, as Genesis keeps on scoring and none of the Raimon Eleven can even keep up with their movements. Fubuki gets injured while trying to stop Gran\'s shoot, and his past is revealed after the match by Hitomiko. But what\'s even more shicking is Kazemaru\'s decision to quit the team!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 46
Епизод 46 - Епизод 46

Kazemaru\'s decision to leave the team have left Endou devastated and took away his will to even practice. Nothing anyone says seems to have an effect on him. Kurimatsu, unable to bear seeing his captain like this, and thinking that the fight against Aliea Academy is hopeless, has decided to leave Raimon as well. It seems that Tachimukai\'s never-give-up attitude is the only thing left to remind Endou of who he was.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 47
Епизод 47 - Епизод 47

The news about the existence of a flame striker sends Raimon to Okinawa hoping that it would be Gouenji Shuuya. But what unexpected things might happen along the way?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 48
Епизод 48 - Епизод 48

Right after arriving at Okinawa, Raimon starts the search for the flame striker. While searching, Fubuki and Domon run into a player claiming he\'s the flame striker. After they take him to the team, he introduces himself as Haruya Nagumo and shows them his Hissatsu shot. It seems Nagumo will be a great asset to Raimon, or isn\'t he?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 49
Епизод 49 - Епизод 49

Tsunami reveals to Raimon that he has joined his school\'s soccer club, and they want to have a game with them. Raimon goes to Oumihara Junior High, and the game begins. They soon realize that even if Oumihara seems quite weird, they\'re actually quite good. And how in the world do they manage to steal the ball, as well as evading attacks from Raimon every time?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 50
Епизод 50 - Епизод 50

The game between Raimon and Oumihara continues, with neither teams pulling back. In the end Raimon wins, but it\'s a narrow victory. Endou also got a clue on how to use the Fist of Justice, but first he needs to learn to surf from Tsunami so he can master the movement needed to use it. Although Endou has some trouble at first, he finally manages to do it, and masters the Fist of Justice. But Raimon\'s rejoice isn\'t long, as Epsilon has come once again.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 51
Епизод 51 - Епизод 51

Epsilon have powered up to become Epsilon Remastered, and challenge Raimon to battle. But it\'s not just them that\'s leveled up, Raimon has too. But they still can\'t break through Desarm\'s techniques, even Fubuki. Desarm, disappointed because Fubuki failed to entertain him, says that he has no need of Fubuki anymore. Fubuki is devastated because he\'s not needed as Shirō or as Atsuya, and has a breakdown. With him off the field, Raimon can only concentrate on defending. No longer interests in Raimon\'s shoots, Desarm decides to change position with the forward Zel. And to their horror, Desarm gets past their defense easily, and breaks through Fist of Justice easily.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 52
Епизод 52 - Епизод 52

The match between Raimon and Epsilon Remastered continues its second half. Though they tries their best, Desarm is just too fast and powerful for them. Can Endou figure out the remaining note for the Seigi no Tekken before it\'s too late? Even if he can, how can they win without scoring? And, there\'s one more surprise for Raimon...

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 53
Епизод 53 - Епизод 53

Gouenji\'s return, along with the victory against Epsilon Remastered have lifted up Raimon\'s spirit. They decides to go back home to rest. But as soon as they go back, Diamond Dust wants Raimon to face them in a game, or Tokyo will be randomly smashed with black soccer balls. However, it\'s a tough match right in the beginning. Endou is having a hard game even against normal shoots. Just then, an old opponent appears before them...

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 54
Епизод 54 - Епизод 54

Someone unexpected is here to join Raimon in the middle of the match - Aphrodi! Raimon\'s rival has come to join and fight alongside them! But the old Raimon members except Gouenji and Endou don\'t trust this player. But when Tsunami gets hold of the ball, things start looking a little better...

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 55
Епизод 55 - Епизод 55

Coach Hitomiko decides to remove Endou as goalkeeper, and requests him to become a libero. Following this, Aphrodi will become a forward, and Tachimukai will become Raimon\'s new goalkeeper. This will be the birth of a super-aggressive Raimon Eleven. This led to development of new hissatsu by Endou, Megaton Head. Endou also gives Tachimukai his grandpa\'s ultimate, an incomplete hissatsu, Mugen The Hand that Tachimukai begins practising with the help of Tsunami.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 56
Епизод 56 - Епизод 56

The Raimon Eleven comes to Teikoku for training, as requested by Kidou. Kidou also requests his former teammates - the Teikoku team to play a friendly against the Raimon with Endou, Kidou and Domon on Teikoku\'s side. Kidou did this because he felt that to master Death Zone, the players had to become a part of Teikoku.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 57
Епизод 57 - Епизод 57

Prominence and Diamond Dust have combined to become the strongest team in the universe - The Chaos - and they challenge Raimon to a game. This is the first game Raimon plays in their new formation. But with Tachimukai still hasn\'t mastered Mugen The Hand, and Chaos in complete control of the fired up game, is there no way for Raimon to get the better of them?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 58
Епизод 58 - Епизод 58

Thanks to Otomura, Kidou figures out how to stop Chaos\' rhythm. The flow of the game is totally reversed as Raimon keeps scoring without stopping. Gazel and Burn realize their team members are fighting amongst themselves and decide to use Fire Blizzard to show them that together they\'re unbeatable. Also, the Chaos creates an ultimate defense by combining Frozen Steal and Ignite Steal. Aphrodi tries to get past their wall but cannot and instead gets injured and has to leave the team. Despite Aphrodi\'s injuries, Coach Hitomiko doesn\'t substitute in Rika, leading to Rika\'s anger on the coach. The game comes to a halt because Gran intervenes. But what does he mean when he refers to Coach Hitomiko as \"sister\"?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 59
Епизод 59 - Епизод 59

Raimon demands Coach Hitomiko to explain why Gran called her his sister, among a few other things. She promises to explain everything after they come to Mount Fuji. Everyone is given a night to think about going, and in the end, they all decide to go. But what\'s waiting for them at Mount Fuji is Aliea Academy itself, a gigantic UFO!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 60
Епизод 60 - Епизод 60

As Raimon go inside Aliea Academy, its shocking truth is revealed: Aliea Academy are human children whose abilities have been enhanced by the Aliea meteorite.Following this revelation, the battle to decide the world\'s fate between Raimon and The Genesis begins!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 61
Епизод 61 - Епизод 61

The first half of Raimon\'s match against The Genesis has started. Though, there is still one more problem left in the team, and that problem can only be answered by the person with a problem, Fubuki Shirou. Will Raimon pull-off a victory somehow even with this disadvantage?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 62
Епизод 62 - Епизод 62

Genesis has broken through the evolved Mugen The Hand, and takes the lead once more. Angry at Seijirou\'s remark that Raimon is the same as Genesis, Endou furiously tries to prove that he\'s wrong. Will Raimon\'s power to believe in your friends be enough to defeat Genesis?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 63
Епизод 63 - Епизод 63

Raimon has finally defeated Genesis, and opens up Seijirou\'s eyes. But, in the end, what was the real reason of why Aliea Academy begun?!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 64
Епизод 64 - Епизод 64

The Raimon Eleven return to Raimon Junior High only to find Ryūichi Kenzaki waiting for them there, along with Raimon\'s old members who left the team due to injuries. Having powered up themselves with the Aliea meteorite, and calling themselves Dark Emperors, they challenge Raimon to a game. With no choice left, Endou agrees. But each one of Dark Emperors has increased their abilities even more than Raimon has imagined. How will they fight against their friends now?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 65
Епизод 65 - Епизод 65

Even though they lost 2 points in the first half, Raimon never gives up, and gets back 2 points in the second half. However, things get worse when Dark Emperors start attacking violently. The Raimon Eleven try to block Dark Emperors\' shots with their own bodies, and fall one after another. Endou switches back to goalkeeper to replace an injured Tachimukai. What can he do to remind their old friends of their soccer?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 66
Епизод 66 - Епизод 66

Raimon\'s long fight against Aliea Academy is finally over, and everyone is prepared to go home. Fubuki finds Endou in his training place, and the two of them recall their journey from the day Gemini Storm appears to before going to Okinawa. Then Gouenji joins them.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 67
Епизод 67 - Епизод 67

Gōenji tells Endou and Fubuki about the time when he left Raimon, then they recall their numerous battles against Aliea Academy, training, meeting new friends and enemies. The three of them then promise to have a match between Raimon and Hakuren next time.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 68
Епизод 68 - Епизод 68

The greatest competition in history, the Football Frontier International, is here. Players from around the world have their eyes fixed upon it, aiming for the world\'s best. And, of course, so are Japan\'s. Coach Hibiki has gathered many players: some from Raimon, others from their friends\' and rivals\' schools, a few are old enemies from Aliea Academy, and some are complete strangers too. Japan\'s twenty-two candidates compete in a selection match to decide its representatives.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 69
Епизод 69 - Епизод 69

The game that will decide who gets to represent Japan is going to start. Throughout the match, the players ferociously appeal themselves to be chosen for the national team. However, regardless of the outcome of the game, it\'s up to the coach to decide which 16 players out of 22 candidates will be chosen for Japan\'s national team, Inazuma Japan. The players are divided into two teams, first team is of Endou and second is of Kidou. Both team players are determined for their best play in the match. There is a huge crowd came to see the match among them are also the candidates\'s teammates and friends supporting them.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 70
Епизод 70 - Епизод 70

Inazuma Japan has begun their training under Coach Kudou. However, they soon realize that he is one strict coach. They start to worry even more when they know about his past, along with a rumor from back then and then to their shock, Coach Kudou orders them to stop training for the two days before their first game against Australia. Is Coach Kudou really what the rumor says?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 71
Епизод 71 - Епизод 71

No matter what Endou and the others do, Coach Kudou won\'t let them out of the building they stay at. But for some reason, he lets Toramaru go home. Tsunami successfully snook out when the coach isn\'t present, but Endou and the others aren\'t so lucky. Meanwhile, a group of people come looking for Tobitaka, and Kudou gave him permission to go out. Endou is so impatient that he starts practicing in his room, and soon all the others do so too. Finally the day of the match come, and Inazuma Japan are quickly overwhelmed by Big Waves Hissatsu tactics: Box Lock Defense. Will they be able to break the defense before the match is over?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 72
Епизод 72 - Епизод 72

The match of Inazuma Japan and Big Waves continues, but with one point in the lead favored to Big waves. Kidou Yuuto finally breaks through the hissatsu Tactic; Box Lock Defense but it seems that the strategy now changes. Will Japan pull through the match? Will Tsunami Jousuke be able to complete his new shoot hissatsu and will Endou Mamoru be able to block the shoot hissatsu; Megalodon?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 73
Епизод 73 - Епизод 73

Inazuma Japan next game is against Qatar\'s team, Desert Lion. Everything seems to be fine as the first half ends with Japan takes a two-point lead. But what they don\'t know is that they have unknowingly fallen into Desert Lion\'s trap!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 74
Епизод 74 - Епизод 74

As the match keep going, Inazuma Japan\'s players fall for the heat one after another. Even Kidou has to switch out because of an injury. It seems Japan\'s last hope now lies on Toramaru, but can they make it through this match when Toramaru himself refuse to shoot even when he has a the perfect chance?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 75
Епизод 75 - Епизод 75

Inazuma Japan are training hard as the Asia finals draw near, and with Toramaru now more assertive, they can finally bring out all of their power, except for Tobitaka. As Captain of Inazuma Japan, Endou is worred about Tobitaka and had a whole bunch of questions swarming in his head. What is Tobitaka hiding? Why can he slow down the speed of the ball? Why are his plays so awkward? Why did Coach Hibiki want him in the team? A telephone from Coach Hibiki called Endou to go to the back of his raimen shop for a training. Why would Coach Hibiki want Endou to go to that kind of spot for training? Mysteries about Tobitaka are revealed in this episode.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 76
Епизод 76 - Епизод 76

After their two games, Inazuma Japan has had a good idea of what the world level is like. In order to proceed to the world tournament, they\'ll need to develop new techniques. Meanwhile, Midorikawa frustrates when he realizes that everyone are improving their power and he isn\'t, but Hiroto encourages him. However, Inazuma Japan has to overcome another challenge, in the form of Neo Japan - a team made of players from Raimon\'s various rival schools and old enemies - lead by Coach Hitomiko. Neo Japan wants a game, and if they win, they\'ll replace Inazuma Japan as Japan\'s representatives.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 77
Епизод 77 - Епизод 77

Neo Japan continues to attack aggressively with powered up Hissatsu techniques, and Inazuma Japan can\'t get past their defense. However, this will only make Endou\'s passion for soccer grows stronger, in turn encourage his teammates more. But will this be enough to take down Neo Japan\'s tough defense?!?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 78
Епизод 78 - Епизод 78

Even though the Seigi no Tekken had just evolved, Coach Kudou tells Endou that he\'ll never make it to the world tournament the way currently is. Endou thinks that the coach is telling him to learn a new Hissatsu, one that surpasses the Seigi no Tekken. Fuyuka notices a troubled Endou and learns some \'tips\' from Rika to help him get ideas.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 79
Епизод 79 - Епизод 79

Gouenji has a big problem: his father wants him to quit soccer and become a doctor. What\'s more, he also wants Gouenji to withdraw from being a national and go to Germany to study medicine.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 80
Епизод 80 - Епизод 80

As the Asia finals draw near, Inazuma Japan are training hard to complete their new techniques. While they\'re practicing, a letter was sent to Endou, which shocks him and the team because the writing on it is similar to Daisuke\'s.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 81
Епизод 81 - Епизод 81

Though there was troubles, Inazuma Japan manages to get to the stadium in time. At last, the finals against Korea\'s team, Fire Dragon, has begun. However, Inazuma Japan has some surprises waiting for them. First: Aphrodi, Suzuno and Nagumo are all in Fire Dragon, along with Korea\'s most highly acclaimed game strategist - Chae Chan-soo. Second: Endou won\'t be playing because according to Coach Kudou, Coach Kudou told him he doesn\'t need him, not in this team. Because he doesn\'t understand the team\'s situation, therefore he fails as captain. And third: Fire Dragon\'s powerful tactics which will crush Inazuma Japan, and they have no idea about it!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 82
Епизод 82 - Епизод 82

Inazuma Japan manages to score a goal with their new combination shot,Thunder Beast. However, their rejoices are short-lived, because Fire Dragon decides to use Perfect Zone Press which takes down Fubuki and Tsunami, who are then switched out. Things only start to get tough as Fire Dragon now attacks with full power, and turns the tide of the match. And after the first half ends, Coach Kudou decides to switch Fudou in for an injured Kidou, Coach Kudou claims that their opponents doesn\'t know about Fudou and says that Fudou is \"Their Joker\". Will this turn the situation around?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 83
Епизод 83 - Епизод 83

Things aren\'t looking well for Inazuma Japan: the recently switched-in Fudou isn\'t working with his teammates, leading them to fight among themselves; Gouenjiand Toramaru still can\'t use Tiger Storm; Tobitaka is still trying too hard not to make mistakes, which causes him to make even more. After seeing all this, and hearing about Fudou\'s past, Endou is finally able to give his answer, he knew it was his fault that he didn\'t watch the team, and he steps out to the field. The teamwork between the team and Fudou is finally linked, which lead to them scoring a point. However, Endou has to solve their remaining problems, or they\'ll never win this game.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 84
Епизод 84 - Епизод 84

The Asia finals are coming to an end with neither teams are giving up. However, if Inazuma Japan wants to win, they have to use all their power. In order for that to happen, Tobitaka and Gouenji have to play with all they\'ve got. But that alone wouldn\'t bring them victory. Endou needs to develop a new technique, because even his Fist of Justice G5 is no match for the fearsome power of Aphrodi, Nagumo and Suzuno\'s combo shoot. Then what will Endou do?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 85
Епизод 85 - Епизод 85

Inazuma Japan are ready to leave for Liocott Island in the Inazuma Jet. Soon after they arrive, Endou finds a letter from his room from Natsumi. He goes to the beach to meet her, and learns that his grandfather is still alive. Then Endou goes to look for a tire for training, and runs into one of Italy\'s player. Then the opening ceremony, which marks the beginning of the FFI\'s World Tournament, begins with ten teams that have won the preliminaries entering one by one. Now the question remains, which one of them will stand at the top of the world?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 86
Епизод 86 - Епизод 86

Inazuma Japan receives an invitation to a party from their next opponents, England\'s Knights of Queen, and they accept it. While training, Fidio finds Endou and asks to practice together. Later, Argentina\'s Teres and America\'s Mark and Dylan joins them. But it\'s not until Aki comes to find him that Endou realizes he\'s late for the party. After Endou and Aki arrive, Knights of Queen\'s captain Edgar Valtinas makes fun of Endou, which makes his teammates angry. Endou and Edgar then have a match to see if he can stop Edgar\'s shoot, but loses because Edgar\'s Excalibur is too strong for his Ikari no Tetsui. Will Endou understand what the old man told him? Will he be able to complete his new hissatsu?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 87
Епизод 87 - Епизод 87

The first match of FFI\'s Group A, Knights of Queen vs Inazuma Japan, has begun at Sea Serpent stadium. Kabeyama and Endou managed to stop Excalibur thanks to the combined power of their techniques. But Inazuma Japan are in for some big troubles. Knights of Queen decide to use their hissatsu tactic, Absolute Knights, making it difficult for Inazuma Japan to attack. And when Edgar uses Excalibur again from a long distance, Kabeyama and Endou\'s combo plays can\'t stop it from going into the goal. It seems Excalibur is a shoot that actually grows in power the further it is from the goal. So what will Endou do when Edgar shoots Excalibur that uses the maximum length of the field?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 88
Епизод 88 - Епизод 88

Despite Edgar\'s strongest Excalibur, Endou saves the goal thanks to Kabeyama\'s great efforts. But because of that, he suffers a lot of damage, and is taken out. Someoka goes in to replace him, and scores with his new technique. Then, Knights of Queen decides to use their second Hissatsu tactics, Invincible Lance, protecting Edgar and the ball while making it impossible to approach him. Edgar scores again with another of his technique, and England is in the lead once more. During half time, Endou meets the red cap man again, and he says something that might be an idea for Endou\'s new technique. But first, Japan must find a way to take down Invincible Lance if they don\'t want to lose more goals.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 89
Епизод 89 - Епизод 89

Tachimukai is amazed at Endou\'s new Ijigen The Hand. But this, along with Kogure \'s remark about Tachimukai copying Endou all the time, makes him determined to create a technique of his own. As a result, Tachimukai throws himself into harsh training.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 90
Епизод 90 - Епизод 90

Kidou and Sakuma spot Fudou and the man with sunglasses, so they decides to go search for him to see if he really is Kageyama, but they can\'t find him. Kidou and Sakuma worry so much about it that they lose focus on practicing including Fudou, this caused Coach Kudou to prevent them from training because of their lack of focus. Then, Fudou was nowhere in sight. Thinking that Fudou might try to contact Kageyama again, Kidou goes search for him. Sakuma goes after him too, and while searching, he runs into someone resembling Kidou. Then coincidentally, all three got into

Kidou and Sakuma. a bus, along with Endou who went searching for them and surprise to see Endou entering the bus. What will happen??

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 91
Епизод 91 - Епизод 91

Italy\'s national team, Orpheus, has come across a big crisis: their coach has been replaced by the man with sunglasses who Endou, Kidou, Sakuma and Fudou are after. The man, calls himself Mr. K, fires Orpheus and replace them with Team K. Orpheus can\'t accept such an order, so Mr. K gives them a chance: they\'ll have a match with Team K, whoever wins will be Italy\'s national team. Soon after, eight of Orpheus\'s players are injured at roughly the same time, leaving only seven left. Fideo is also in danger, but he is saved by Kidou. He then tells Fideo that Mr. K might be Kageyama, and tells his past to Fideo. Endou then suggests all four of them join Orpheus temporary to help Fideo, but the other three all refuse. They then split up to search for Kageyama. Kidou happens to run into him, and hears that he will destroy Japan\'s national team. Kidou then decides to join Orpheus with the other three to find out the connection between Mr. K and Kageyama. What will happen in this match??

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 92
Епизод 92 - Епизод 92

Endou and the others have confirmed their fear: Mr. K really is Kageyama. And that\'s not all, there\'s a player in Team K that is similar to Kidou not only in looks, but also in abilities, in which he even surpasses Kidou. Even though the Orpheus - Inazuma Japan team are doing well as a team, Team K, especially the Kidou look-alike (Demonio Strada), is displaying an overwhelming power. Demonio even scores with Koutei Penguin X, a far more powerful variation of the technique Sakuma uses while he was in Shin Teikoku (Koutei Penguin No. 1).

Гледай този епизод
Кадър от епизод Епизод 93
Епизод 93 - Епизод 93

he match that will decide Italy\'s team continues. Endou determines not to lose more goals, and blocks the second Emperor Penguin X with his own body. Then thanks to their teamwork, he scores with Megaton Head. After this, for some reason Demonio\'s plays are starting to fall apart. Why is he so obsessed with being the ultimate? The answer startles them. Demonio and the rest of the team were really wanted to be chosen as the representive team, but they lacked the skills, so Kageyama \'s offer for the ultimate power was irrisistable... even with the risks, and one of them was loosing eyesight! Will Endo be able to save them, and Orpheus from disbanding?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 94
Епизод 94 - Епизод 94

Because of Mr. K, the match between Inazuma Japan and The Empire got pushed a day earlier. Fideo tried to help Endou and the others get to the boat that will take them to where the match will take place, Mountain Lion

Inazuma Japan about to fight stadium. But an accident on the way prevent them from catching the boat on time. Having no captain or coach, Inazuma Japan will have to fight on their own. Endō and the others can do nothing but watching the match on TV. Without Endō or Kidou, Inazuma Japan pushes themselves too much to cover for their absence, causing their plays to fall apart in the process. Hiroto realizes this and pull them together. However, that wasn\'t enough to get pass Therese\'s defense. And to their surprise, The Empire changed from a defensive formation to an offensive one, quickly passes Japan\'s defense and gets the first goal.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 95
Епизод 95 - Епизод 95

Inazuma Japan are shocked as they witness such offensive power from a defensive team. Tachimukai tries to catch

Iron Wall blocked Bakunetsu Screwthe next Hellfire with an incomplete Maou The Hand, but it failed. Tachimukai panics as Leone approaches the goal, but thanks to Tobitaka \'s encouragement, he pulls off a perfect Maou The Hand. The Empire then uses the Hissatsu tactics, The Andes\' Antlion Death Trap, making it very difficult to score as Japan is leaded to where Teres is all the time. Will they be able to get through this situation?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 96
Епизод 96 - Епизод 96

Fubuki\'s injury is completely healed, so Coach Kudou calls him back to the team; but this also means someone will have to leave, and that\'s Kurimatsu, who was injured in the previous match.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 97
Епизод 97 - Епизод 97

Inazuma Japan is fired up for their next match against America\'s Unicorn, especially Endou. Because they\'ll get to fight Ichinose and Domon, both of whom have leveled up greatly. The next day, Ichinose calls Aki out, and tells her, he will join a Pro League youth soccer team after the tournament, so he won\'t lose to them.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 98
Епизод 98 - Епизод 98

Not long after the match starts and Unicorn has the first point because of Ichinose\'s new Pegasus Shot. The match continues with Ichinose making superior plays, giving Inazuma Japan a hard time. But thanks to Fubuki and Kazemaru\'s new combo shoot The Hurricane, Japan ties with America. During half time, Endou accidentally finds out about Ichinose\'s surgery, but decides not to hold back, as a symbol of their friendship.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 99
Епизод 99 - Епизод 99

The tense game between Inazuma Japan and Unicorn continues with neither side wants to give up. When one team takes the lead, the other takes it back, this is what the game has become. Unicorn finally decides to use the Hissatsu tactics, Rolling Thunder, continuously attacks Japan\'s defenders, eventually wears them down. Then they adds on another point, bringing them closer to victory. What will Japan do to breakthrough this situation?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 100
Епизод 100 - Епизод 100

After Inazuma Japan\'s practice, Hiroto decides to go for a short run in a nearby forest, as he thinks his dribbling won\'t be able to

break past the defense of their next opponent, Orpheus. Kogure, having been looked down by

Hiroto and Kogure. Someoka earlier on, pulls a prank on the latter. He ends up being chased after by an angry Someoka, and runs into the same forest Hiroto is currently in. Hiroto runs into Kogure, and they encounter a kappa-looking boy, who wants an autograph from Hiroto. Both Hiroto and Kogure decide to camp out in the forest because they can\'t find a way back.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 101
Епизод 101 - Епизод 101

While taking a break from practice, Inazuma Japan receives letters from their friends and families from Japan. Everyone is happy, except for Toramaru. For some reason, he\'s been acting strangely after he received his letter, and lose focus in practice. He even lashes out at everyone during dinner. Endō decides to go talk to him, but to everyone\'s surprise, Tobitaka wants to go instead. How will he solve this problem? And why was Toramaru so agitated?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 102
Епизод 102 - Епизод 102

Inazuma Japan is in a worrying situation: only the top two teams in each group will pass the prelims, and their next opponent is currently in first place. If they don\'t win this, it\'s likely that Japan won\'t pass the prelims. Therefore, Coach Kudou decides to hold a practice game with Spain\'s Red Matador, who is also in the same situation. During the game, Fuyuka keeps seeing the image of Endou\'s young self. After the game, Fuyuka finds Endou at the beach training, and talk to him about the game. Suddenly, her memories comes back. And eventually, she remembers the accident which took away her parents. Unable to bear it, Fuyuka falls into a coma. Is there no way to save her other than to use hypnotherapy again? Is there nothing Endou can do to keep Fuyuka from having to forget him and the others over again?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 103
Епизод 103 - Епизод 103

As the important game with Orpheus will take place tomorrow, Inazuma Japan practices with all they have, determine not to lose. At Italy\'s area, Mr. K has devised a Hissatsu tactics to beat Japan called Catenaccio Counter, and he wants Orpheus to master it. However, all but Fideo thinks this training has no meaning.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 104
Епизод 104 - Епизод 104

After Inazuma Japan\'s early goal, many of Orpheus\'s members still don\'t want to listen to Fideo because he trusts Mr. K , which is why Japan continues to get the better of them. Though Fideo even saves them from potentially losing another point, most of them doesn\'t seem to appreciate what he has done. Fideo, believing Mr. K could take them to a new level, begs his team to put their trust in him for five minutes, which they accept. Whatever was on everyone\'s mind, they\'ll be shocked at the plays Fideo is going to pull out, and the Hissatsu tactics which even shake Mr. K from his composure!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 105
Епизод 105 - Епизод 105

Fideo\'s plays which is out of this world, Kageyama and the past he\'s been freed from, and Orpheus which has become complete as a team, all of which has allow Italy to complete the powerful hissatu tactic:Catenaccio Counter. Not only they block every one of Inazuma Japan\'s attacks, they also takes the lead with Fideo\'s Odin Sword. Unless Japan break through Catenaccio Counter, they won\'t have a chance at victory.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 106
Епизод 106 - Епизод 106

The match between Inazuma Japan and Orpheus now heads into the second half. Italy\'s captain, Hide Nakata, has finally returned, which give the rest of the team an emotional boost. They even evolved Catenaccio Counter with Nakata joining them. There\'s no doubt that Italy\'s team right now is the strongest ever. How will Japan handle this absolutely flawless Orpheus? And what will Kageyama\'s fate be after this game?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 107
Епизод 107 - Епизод 107

The last game in Group A, Argentina vs America, are coming to an end with Argentina in the lead. Since the match between Japan and Italy has ended in a tie, Italy has been guaranteed first place in Group A, while Japan are anxiously waiting for the results as they couldn\'t advance with their own wins.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 108
Епизод 108 - Епизод 108

After hearing about the legend of Liocott Island from Natsumi, and seeing the similarity between the two bracelets and the ones wore by the heaven and hell dwellers, Inazuma Japan goes back to practice. Later, they\'re visited by Fideo Ardena, who brought along Therese, Mark, Dylan, and Edgar. All of them come to express their wish for Italy and Japan\'s victory. They then decided to have a game with the five visitors and Touko join in to make twenty two players. Just when they start, thunder roars and clouds start rolling in when it was supposed to be sunny all day. Then the two bracelets start glowing, followed by a lightning strike, and a being with strange outfit, Sein, appears. This being wants to take Rika away, then another one with different outfit, Deasta, appears to take Haruna. They have a conversation, in which some words indicate they\'re from heaven and hell. Are these people really angels and devils? Was the legend of Liocott Island true after all?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 109
Епизод 109 - Епизод 109

In order to save Rika, Endou\'s team heads for Heaven\'s Garden, where Tenkuu no Shito reside. They want Rika to marry the demon lord so they can seal away the latter. Endou and others won\'t allow that to happen, so they have a game to decide Rika\'s fate. But before the fearsome power of the angels, can they do anything at all? Will this be Rika\'s last moments?

Гледай този епизод
Кадър от епизод Епизод 110
Епизод 110 - Епизод 110

Kidō\'s team heads for Demon\'s Gate, where Hell Army Z is, to rescue Haruna. These guys want her to be a sacrifice to revive the demon lord. Of course, Kidō won\'t allow them to have their way with his sister, so a game is inevitable. But it soon becomes clear that the devils\' monstrous power is too much for them and time is ticking. Will this be the end for Haruna?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 111
Епизод 111 - Епизод 111

Endou and others has saved both Rika and Haruna, but it\'s not over yet. There\'s still one more obstacle to overcome: Dark Angel, the fusion of heaven and hell, and the demon lord himself.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 112
Епизод 112 - Епизод 112

The final match in Group B: Brazil\'s The Kingdom vs France\'s Rose Griffon, has ended with The Kingdom winning overwhelmingly. This amazing team is also Inazuma Japan\'s opponent in the semi-finals. Everyone, especially Endou, are excited to play against them. But their captain, Mac Roniejo, comes to Endou with a shocking proposal. He wants Inazuma Japan to lose in the semi-finals. Why would someone as strong as Roniejo want to set up a

fixed game? Did something happen within The Kingdom? And does this has something to do with their coach, Garshield?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 113
Епизод 113 - Епизод 113

Inazuma Japan are astonished by the data they stole from Garshield\'s mansion, which reveal his plan to take over the world. If they give the data to the police, Garshield will definitely go to jail, and The Kingdom will be able to play their own soccer. Coach Hibiki volunteers to take the data to the police, while Endou Mamoru and Hijikata go to tell The Kingdom good news. However, Hibiki wasn\'t able to do it because he has another chest pain (he had had some as shown in various episodes before), which was caused by a heart condition. Nonetheless, the data made it to the police. But to their horror, Garshield appears at the stadium where the match will begin. And as soon as it starts, Roniejo\'s expression becomes odd...

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 114
Епизод 114 - Епизод 114

Everytime Roniejo hears a special whistle he acts different and can\'t seem to shoot correctly! His teammates worry about him, and so does Inazuma Japan because they both understand that it is unlikely for Roniejo to steal the ball from his teammates, which he does in the game. Later, the detective arrests Garshield and Brazil is able to play their own soccer.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 115
Епизод 115 - Епизод 115

The match continues from the previous episode, however, Roniejo and the others from The Kingdom seem to not be able to find the will to play, only making small passes between each and not attempting to shoot. After scoring one point, Hijikata tells Roniejo not to worry about his family and that they sent him here to play soccer not because they could keep their jobs but because they wanted him and his teammates to be able to play soccer. Roniejo is then convinced and begins to show off his true abilities. The skills of both teams evolved to a greater level and this episode is also the debut of a new hissastu technique: The Birth, a shot performed by Kiyama Hiroto and Fubuki Shirou. Inazuma Japan wins with a score of 3-2 and will now proceed to the finals against either Orpheus or Little Gigant.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 116
Епизод 116 - Епизод 116

Orpheus\' next fight was against Little Gigant. Unfortunately, they lost without scoring a single point. Endou, concerned about what happened, went to see the Orpheus team and talked about what happened during the game. After failing to cheer the Orpheus team up, Endou found out that Natsumi is the new manager of the Little Gigant team.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 117
Епизод 117 - Епизод 117

Suddenly, a mysterious group attacks the Cotral\'s area on Liocott island. Little Gigant and Inazuma Japan rushes off to help and is suprised to see that Garshield is there and he brought his own soccer team! Then Endou finds out that the coach of Little Gigant, Mr. Araya is actually his grandfather, Endou Daisuke! Then Garshield challenges Inazuma Japan to a match. What will they do?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 118
Епизод 118 - Епизод 118

The fight has started against Team Garshield! Can Endou and the others block Team Garshield\'s attacks?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 119
Епизод 119 - Епизод 119

Rococo Urupa\'s past was finally revealed as he tells his story to Endou. Endou is still practicing to find the key to the new hissatsu. Gouenji and Toramaru try a new hissatsu too and Rococo shows Endou he has the same hissatsu like him!

Endou got surprised! Rococo\'s hissatsu is stronger than his. Will Endou give up? Will he find the key of the hissatsu in this episode?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 120
Епизод 120 - Епизод 120

Fideo appears again, telling Endou to fight him and his team with all his power, and tells Endou that he will help him finding the key to complete his new hissatsu. He does this to help Inazuma Japan to win against Cotarl\'s nationals Little Gigant.

What is Fideo up to? And what is with the weird formation of Orpheus? And why cannot Endou stop any of the moves? Will Endou be able to complete his new Hissatsu?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 121
Епизод 121 - Епизод 121

Finally, Inazuma Japan meets again with the Raimon, when they talk to their old soccer team, they told them that every Raimon member is cheering them on their next and final match against Little Gigant. Endou is still thinking of a way to finish his new hissatsu, but will he be able to finish it in time and realize it?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 122
Епизод 122 - Епизод 122

Everyone is persevered at training but will it be enough to defeat their last match with Little Gigant. The match against Little Gigant starts and Gouenji quickly uses Shin Bakunetsu Screw in order to score a goal, but the technique is easily stopped by God Hand X. Little Gigant then attacks, with Drago Hill using Double Jaw and breaking through an incomplete God Catch making the score 1-0.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 123
Епизод 123 - Епизод 123

It is finally the finals, here comes Inazuma Japan VS Little Gigant! Endou has finally completed God Catch but is it enough to block Little Gigant\'s attacks? And can they make a goal? With fearsome hissatsu tactics and techniques, Little Gigant has a lead of one point. Also, Little Gigant easily breaks through Inazuma Japan\'s defense will they be able to pull through?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 124
Епизод 124 - Епизод 124

As the second half begins, the coach of Little Gigant, Endou Daisuke is making changes and puts Rococo on the field! What could this mean to Inazuma Japan? Will they be able to win the game through this second half? As the match continues both teams show off hissatsu that has never been used in the matches! Will the new hissatsu of Inazuma Japan pull through the second half and win this match?

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 125
Епизод 125 - Епизод 125

The match continues to rage on! Who will win? Inazuma Japan or Little Gigant?! Only the team that scores the most will win!

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 126
Епизод 126 - Епизод 126

All of the members of Inazuma Japan head home after their victory in the FFI. After being back at Raimon for some time (it seems as though a year has passed), everyone is getting ready for the graduation ceremony. Following the ceremony, a match is held between the original Raimon Eleven and the other members of Raimon that joined along the way. Some who joined in the Aliea Academy arc, like Tsunami and Fubuki are present, while the others joined before that, like Kidou and Ichinose. Toramaru is also present, despite not ever appearing on Raimon during the series, but only the Inazuma Japan team. Later when they are about to start the Teikoku bus appears. Everyone is quite worried, but it is just Fudou, Genda, Sakuma and the rest of the team who came to watch.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 127
Епизод 127 - Епизод 127

The outcome of this tough battle is now announced, but now what will await them in the coming future?

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