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Baywatch Season 4
Спасители на плажа Сезон 4
1993 SD Екшън Драма Сериали
22 x 60 мин. 5.1

Baywatch Season 4 / Спасители на плажа Сезон 4 (1993)
Baywatch Season 4 / Спасители на плажа Сезон 4 (1993)

Michael Bergin
"J.D. Darius"

Krista Allen
"Jenna Avid"

Brande Roderick
"Leigh Dyer"

Jason Momoa
"Jason Ioane"

Stacy Kamano
"Kekoa Tanaka"
Тези дълги серии проследяват приключенията на отбор спасители на претъпкан от посетители плаж. Ветеранът-спасител Мич Бюканън ги наглежда новите, които идват и си отиват всеки сезон, докато те бдят за сигурността на плажа и почиващите. Понякога обаче той трябва да предвиди план, за да ги спаси от надигащите се гневните изблици, които понякога пламват помежду им в тази напрегната среда.

Виж всички сезони на Спасители на плажа тук:
Кадър от епизод Епизод 1
Епизод 1 - Епизод 1

Hobie is in love with a young girl named Bridget. Mitch manages to convince him to invite himself to her party and he does so. Gayle is coming to Los Angeles for a visit and she is bringing a surprise. Mitch and Hobie become very disappointed when they find out that the surprise is Gayle\'s new fiancé Ken Jordan. When Gayle and Ken have tied the knot, she wants Hobie to come and live with them, and this upsets Mitch. When Gayle, Hobie and Ken fly to Acapulco for their wedding, Elaine, the pilot loses both of the engines in the air and the plane crashes into the sea. Mitch hears everything over a mobile phone.

Meanwhile, Matt\'s father gives him an ultimatum. Either he follows his parents to France, or else he stays in Los Angeles. If Matt decides to stay in Los Angeles, his parents won\'t give him any money, he will have to take care of himself then.

Meanwhile, a boy named Jarred and his father Wade are at the beach. But Wade only think of work and ignores Jarred who needs his attention.

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 2
Епизод 2 - Епизод 2

Hobie, Gayle and Ken are trapped inside the plane. Ken finds the pilot Elaine, but she is dead. Inside the rapidly flooding compartment, Hobie courageously works to free Gayle, who is unconscious and pinned under her seat. Hobie can\'t pry his mother loose and asks Ken to help him. But Ken panics and tries unsuccessfully to escape the cabin by himself, using up valuable oxygen in the process.

Meanwhile, Mitch and the other lifeguards cut a hole in the fuselage with an underwater arc welder and bring Hobie, Gayle and Ken to safety. But Gayle stops breathing and Mitch and C.J. work feverishly to save her.

Later at the hospital, Hobie tells Mitch about how Ken acted in the plane. Mitch gets upset and lets Ken know about this. Then Ken tells Mitch that he isn\'t a hero, but not a chicken either. But he is in love with Gayle very much and promises Mitch to take good care of her.

Meanwhile, Matt\'s father takes back Matt\'s motorcycle and then Matt decides to stay in Los Angeles. He can live wit

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 3
Епизод 3 - Епизод 3

Hobie meets a beautiful girl named Lauren Taylor in junior lifeguards. But unfortunately for him, she has a disease called aplastic anemia and has less than a year left to live. Her biggest dream is to save someone\'s live. Therefore the Make-A-Wish Foundation placed her at Baywatch. Hobie falls in love with her without knowing about her disease. During an exercise, Lauren almost drowns and Hobie has to rescue her. Then her mom Mary decides that it\'s time for her to go back to Portland again. When Hobie hears about this, he decides to take her to a place called Lover\'s Cove. It\'s said that if you kiss someone as long as the bells are ringing, your love will last eternally. He overhears C.J. telling Jackie about it.

Hobie and Lauren go to Lover\'s Cove on a wave-runner, but when they are about to leave, Hobie is attacked by a Portuguese man-of-war, and Lauren have to rescue him for the second time. Later when Mitch, C.J. and Matt have found them, Mitch tells Hobie the truth. He gets re

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 4
Епизод 4 - Епизод 4

When a maniac on a motorcycle is terrorizing everybody on the beach, including C.J, John D. Cort comes to the rescue on his new horse Apache Warrior. He tells C.J. he is back for good and they fall in love again. But both Mitch and C.J. notice that something is wrong with Cort. He doesn\'t shake people\'s hands and he almost runs over people on his motorcycle.

The problem is that he passed Mitch\'s eye-test. He had a perfect vision. But when Mitch hits him with a rescue can and he falls down without seeing it, he knows something is wrong with him and Cort agrees to go to a doctor. Dr. Corey tells him that he has a rare eye disease that causes tunnel vision. Dr. Corey tells him to wear very dark glasses all the time, because the sun makes him blind a lot faster than he has to be. He ends up leaving Baywatch and C.J. for good.

Meanwhile, Hobie meets a giant man on the pier. He makes a living by scaring children in a cage. His boss is named Valdez and he is very mean to him. Later when Hobie

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 5
Епизод 5 - Епизод 5

Slade has returned to Los Angeles and Summer doesn\'t know anything about it, until her friend Ethan tells her about it. Later when Matt sees Summer and Slade together, he gets jealous. But Summer tells him that she will tell Slade about them. Then before Summer gets the chance to tell him, Ethan tells Slade about Matt and Summer\'s relationship. Slade confronts Summer and she tells him the truth.

Later Slade goes surfing where Matt is surfing, and he steals his wave and they soon end up in a fight. When Slade gets hurt, they sit down and talk, and they decide to solve the problem with a competition where the winner gets Summer.

Meanwhile, a man named Simon who owns an air balloon wants C.J. to fly around the world with him. He also scares her by bungee jumping out of his balloon. Matt and Slade see this and decide that their competition will be bungee jumping with the one closest to the water wins. But something goes wrong and Slade, who jumps first, hit the water and become unconscious

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 6
Епизод 6 - Епизод 6

Matt and Slade go surfing and the one who falls first backs off and lets the other one have Summer. Matt falls first, but his board falls into a cave. An octopus lives in the cave and it takes care of the board. Matt and Slade tell Mitch about it and he tells them about the cave. The cave is said to be a surfboard cemetery and Ben visited the cave once. When Mitch has told them that, Matt and Slade decide to explore the cave and Summer agrees to go with them.

When they are in the cave, the octopus attacks Summer. Matt and Slade have to rescue her, and when Summer and Slade have swam out of the cave, Matt is still inside fighting with the octopus. When Matt doesn\'t come out, Summer becomes real worried and when he finally surfaces, she tells him she loves him. Then Slade decide to back off and he leaves for Australia. C.J. confronts Summer about her bulimia and in the end, she admits she have problems and go to a clinic with Matt.

Meanwhile, Debra Harris helps her boyfriend Brady to esc

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 7
Епизод 7 - Епизод 7

Caroline Holden, Stephanie\'s sister comes to Baywatch. She meets Stephanie when she falls off some rocks while watching Stephanie when she is testing a new wave-runner. She tells Stephanie that she is engaged to a man named Frank Randall. He is an environmentalist, and dives looking for pollutions. When he is collecting underwater soil samples, he is attacked by two men. They force him to reach the surface at high speed. Therefore he gets the decompression sickness and ends up in a decompression chamber, clinging for his life. Caroline is devastated and tells Stephanie to go to Frank\'s house and get her some clothes.

When Stephanie is at Frank\'s house, a man breaks into the house and looks around while Stephanie hide herself on the balcony. Then Stephanie tells Caroline about the break-in, and Caroline tells her to go and visit Frank\'s partner Jordan Stewart and see if he knows anything about what Frank was doing in the water. But he tells her that Frank worked alone a lot.

Later when

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 8
Епизод 8 - Епизод 8

Mitch meets two boys named Chuck and Bobby on the beach while they are sleeping in a tent. They have come from Kansas for Bobby\'s 10th birthday. Later the same day, Mitch meets the two boys again and teaches them how to throw a Frisbee.

Later Bobby throws the frisbee into the ocean, and while they go out to get it, they end up in trouble. Mitch has to do the rescue all by himself because C.J. is on the bike-path taking care of an injured man. Mitch comes to Chuck first and gives him the rescue can. Then he swims towards Bobby, but Chuck loses the rescue can and Mitch has to choose which one of them, he will rescue first. He chooses Chuck and when he returns for Bobby, he is nowhere to be seen.

Newmie locates him from the scarab and Bobby is taken to the hospital, where he is in a coma. Bobby\'s mom Dana blames Mitch for the accident and Mitch blames himself as well. Then an investigation takes place and it\'s proved that Mitch did everything he possibly could, but he is still mad at hims

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 9
Епизод 9 - Епизод 9

Mitch is training for the annual Ironman competition and Garner documents everything on a videotape. Everyone tells Mitch to join the senior league, because he is old enough to qualify for it. But he wants to prove that he is still as good as he used to be and tortures himself during his training. It\'s obvious that he is going through a mid-life crisis.

Later Mitch rescues a girl named Destiny. She got into trouble while she was using her dad\'s wetsuit, which of course was too heavy for her. Destiny makes Mitch feel like he is twenty-five years old again. Then he wins the Ironman competition, beating his rival Craig Hummer. After the competition everyone throw him a surprise birthday party at headquarters. When everyone have left the party, Mitch and Jackie continue with a party of their own, dancing to some music.

Meanwhile, Matt is working late during the evenings so that he can afford a new motorcycle. A girl named Rebecka can give him one for $ 3 000. Because Matt is never home, Su

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 10
Епизод 10 - Епизод 10

Some gang-members have sprayed their symbol on headquarters. The same gang also robs Hobie when he has sold some A & W soda on the beach. Meanwhile, Stephanie is upset because Mitch hasn\'t told her about the hiring of a new substitute lifeguard while Newmie is on vacation. But Mitch tells her she will like him. The substitute is named Carlos and he and Stephanie immediately fall for each other. They see the gang robbing Hobie and go there to help him. Carlos runs after them and Stephanie gets the impression that he knows the girl in the gang.

Later Garner sees Carlos on the pier talking to the gang. Then it\'s revealed that his sister Adelsa is a member of the gang. Later Carlos tells Stephanie about it. When a big gang fight takes place on the beach, everyone is arrested and Adelsa is sent back home to live with her and Carlos\'s parents again.

When Luis, the gang-leader gets out of prison, he goes after Carlos. He steals Barnett\'s truck and drives to Carlos\'s tower. Outside the tower,

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 11
Епизод 11 - Епизод 11

The episode starts with Stephanie and Barnett rescuing a diver in trouble. Baywatch hosts the Special Olympics for the first time. The Olympics is held by Mitch\'s old friend and elite gymnast Mary Lou Retton, who won 5 gold medals in the 1984 Olympics. She asks Mitch to take care of a troubled kid named Darnel while Stephanie to take care of a girl named Sammy. Darnel\'s father abandoned him when he was a little kid, and Mary Lou has managed to track him down.

During a race, Darnel pushes his opponent in order to win and the coach for that team wants Darnel disqualified. But Mitch talks to Darnel and Mary Lou talks to the other boy\'s coach and they agree to let him stay in the Olympics if Darnel improves his sportsmanship.

Meanwhile, Stephanie befriends Sammy who wants to be a gymnast. But she doesn\'t think that she\'s good enough. However Stephanie teaches her to believe in herself and during the final race Mr. Shepard shows up to watch his son compete.

During the race, Sammy falls and

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 12
Епизод 12 - Епизод 12

During the filming of a commercial out at sea, a woman falls of her jet ski and Matt has to rescue her. The woman turns out to be Jessie, the biker Matt met a year earlier (Episode 51: \"\"Point Doom\"\"). Mitch wants a lifeguard to be present during the filming and Matt is selected to go. Summer immediately becomes jealous because she knows about Matt and Jessie\'s previous meeting.

The producer Victor has been harassing Jessie ever since they broke up a couple of weeks earlier. Therefore she convinces Matt to act as her fiance in order to get rid of Victor. When Summer sees them kissing passionately in the marina, Matt finds himself going through a hard time trying to convince Summer that they are only acting.

The same night, Jessie arrives to Matt\'s apartment. She asks him if she can spend the night there, because Victor has been following her the whole evening. The next morning, Matt goes out on his bike. When he is riding his bike in the mountains, a man on a motorcycle arrives and pushe

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 13
Епизод 13 - Епизод 13

Some old lifeguards known as the Red Knights are having a reunion at Baywatch. Among the lifeguards are the legendary Bud Gates who was the first lifeguard ever to swim to Catalina and back in the nude. But after a couple of years he mysteriously disappeared from the beach. Later it\'s revealed that he is convinced he saw Marilyn Monroe on the beach one day. When he was about to make a move on her, he got a call that someone had seen sharks at Topanga Beach. Later when he got back, she was nowhere to be seen. When Marilyn Monroe died, he retired as a lifeguard and went back to Omaha and opened a hardware store.

Meanwhile, Ben isn\'t to pleased about the reunion. All the other Knights are still in good shape, but Ben isn\'t because of his broken hip. Bud asks Mitch how Ben got injured and he tells Bud that a couple of years ago, Ben was hang-gliding and saw a surfer in trouble. Ben was the only one who could rescue him and then he jumped from 30 feet and rescued the surfer. But during the

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 14
Епизод 14 - Епизод 14

The four best lifeguards in a competiton will join Stephanie for a trip to San Diego. Matt, Summer, Mitch and C.J. are the ones who end up going with her. They go to San Diego in order to show the effectiveness of the scarab because the San Diego lifeguards don\'t have one yet. The gang stays at the Hotel Del Coronado.

Strange things start to happen to Summer in her hotel room. She sees a man in the mirror and all the time, she feels like someone is watching her. When she tells Stephanie about it, she goes to Captain Dawson of the San Diego lifeguards and asks for advice. He tells her that it\'s said that the hotel room is haunted by a ghost. The ghost is supposed to be a man named Rupert Mansfield who jumped from the balcony in the 1940s. He and his girlfriend Diana Sutherland was supposed to jump together, but she didn\'t go through with it and Rupert has been haunting the hotel ever since.

Meanwhile, C.J. goes to Sea World and gets attached to an orphaned dolphin named Rocky. She also

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 15
Епизод 15 - Епизод 15

When Mitch and Buzz doesn\'t come back, Hobie and Kyle become worried and tells Stephanie about it. She alerts the Coast Guard who finds the boat but not Mitch and Buzz. At sunrise, she and C.J. go out in the scarab and they find Mitch and Buzz just before they are about to reach dry land. They are both taken to the hospital, where they recover. Buzz\'s heart doesn\'t need a surgery, but it could have ended up pretty bad. When Buzz finally wakes up, he tells Mitch that all he could think of out there was Kyle, and that\'s why he has decided to take care of him.

Meanwhile, Sea World rescue a dolphin that has floated to shore and unites it with Rocky who is an orphan. C.J. who is planning to stay in San Diego and start all over again with Keith, finds out that he is engaged with someone else. Meanwhile, Rupert haunts Summer thinking that she is Diana. When Stephanie arrives to Summer\'s hotel room and tells her that Diana Sutherland is still alive, she and Matt go to her house. Diana tells th

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 16
Епизод 16 - Епизод 16

When a woman named Gwen arrives at Mitch\'s tower, he hardly notices her. But Gwen spends her afternoon at his tower and makes an awkward conversation. She tells Mitch that she and her sister is visiting the beach in their trailer. When Mitch doesn\'t pay any attention to her anymore because he finds two beautiful girls more fun to be with it, Gwen decides to leave. When Mitch is about to close his tower, Mattie, Gwen\'s sister arrives. Mitch starts to like Mattie and accepts her invitation to dinner the next night in their trailer without knowing her secret. It turns out that Gwen and Mattie is actually the same person.

Before Mitch arrives, Mattie put some pills in Mitch\'s wine. When Mitch arrives, Mattie tells him that Gwen couldn\'t join them. When Mitch has had some wine, he passes out on the couch. When Mitch awakens, he finds himself chained to the wall of a basement that is rapidly flooding with water. Suddenly he hears Gwen\'s voice from upstairs and screams her name. But only Matt

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 17
Епизод 17 - Епизод 17

An investigative reporter named Catherine Larsen is working on a story she has named \"\"The Falcon Manifesto\"\". The story details the sale of U.S. military technology to foreign governments by Edward Falcon. Because of her story, Falcon has put a contract on her life and the NBI wants to put her into their protective custody. But Catherine trusts no one and heads of to Catalina where she hides the manifesto in an old sofa.

While in Catalina, she takes a fishing trip on a boat. When the boat hits a dumpster that is floating in the ocean, the boat is in danger of sinking and Mitch, Summer and Matt in the scarab are the first ones who arrive to the scene. At the boat, Mitch finds Catherine bravely working in the ship\'s hold trying to patch the hole with something. Together with Mitch she manages to patch the hole using Mitch\'s wetsuit. While filling in the incident report, Catherine tells Mitch her name is Kate McCoy because she is not willing to tell him her real name. She also accepts Mitc

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 18
Епизод 18 - Епизод 18

When TV-producer Don Brand visits the beach, he is delighted to discover that the actions that take place on the beach are perfect for a TV-series. He calls the TV-series \"\"Rescue Bay\"\". He gets inspired when he witness Stephanie, Matt and Summer rescue two men on a boat, and when Garner catches a bad guy with the help of a kid\'s kite. Brand is convinced that he has a number one show in his hand.

Brand follows the lifeguards around interviewing them about their jobs and personal lives. Stephanie reveals her and Mitch\'s relationship to him. Matt and Summer are played by two network-deal ingenues. Stephanie wants to play herself but when C.J. returns from Hawaii unaware of the shooting of a TV-series, she rescues the victims not knowing they are only acting. Brand is immediately smitten and offers Stephanie\'s part to C.J. and Stephanie becomes real upset. When the two roommates argue over who is best suited to play the role, Mitch agrees to help them with a kissing scene, but that doesn\'t

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 19
Епизод 19 - Епизод 19

Famous country-singer Jesse Lee Harris is at the top of his career and because he tours constantly, his wife Crystal left him with their son Jackson. The problem is that she didn\'t tell him where they went. But one day, Jesse receives a Venice Beach postcard from Jackson and he is determined to find them. Therefore he takes a detour to Los Angeles on his way to Las Vegas and hopes to find his family there and get the marriage back together again.

When Jesse walks around on the beach, showing people a picture of Jackson, two girls recognize him and then he is surrounded by 20 girls. When they all end up in the water, C.J. and some other lifeguards have to rescue him. C.J.\'s friend Sadie who was on the beach next to C.J.\'s tower is a country singer herself, and she recognizes Jesse. When C.J. finds out about it, she escorts him to headquarters. She also convinces him to come to the Denim & Diamonds Dance Hall to hear Sadie sing. Jessie accepts the invitation, and is so impressed by Sadie

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 20
Епизод 20 - Епизод 20

When the Baywatch gang find out that their jobs are in jeopardy due to budget cuts, everyone decide to volunteer as civilian lifeguards. At the same time on the beach, a couple named David and Julia is having a romantic time. When David proposes to Julia, the engagement ring falls into the water. David dives in after the ring, but the onrushing tide forces a rock to fall down on his hand and he is trapped.

Meanwhile Matt and Summer are going to have a picnic on the beach when they see Julia on some cliffs. They dive in after David and bring him to safety just in time. When David and Julia arrive to headquarters with Matt and Summer, Mitch gets an idea. Instead of showing the county commissioners just some statistics, they bring some victims to the beach whom they have rescued during the years.

Among the victims are Charlie Dupree (Episode 29: \"\"Sandcastles\"\") who was rescued by Mitch and the Baywatch gang when she lived on the street with her mom. Memo Urueta (Episode 28: \"\"Point of Attac

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 21
Епизод 21 - Епизод 21

When a man is seen drifting in the ocean, Matt and Stephanie are called in to rescue him. But as they are approaching the victim, a Coast Guard helicopter waves them away from the victim, and they rescue him instead. Later Stephanie and Matt confront one of the Coast Guard members Scott Daniels about calling the scarab off. Scott explains to them that they couldn\'t see it, but the scarab was about to travel across a fish net, which would have folded the scarab propellers.

At first Stephanie doesn\'t like Scott, and she is less than thrilled when she discovers that she will work with him on the beach for a day because Chief Thorpe thinks it will be a good thing for the Coast Guard to see what a lifeguard does and the other way around. Scott is convinced that life-guarding is all about working on your tan, but when Stephanie is forced to make a rescue and Scott doesn\'t have a clue who the victims are, he agrees that life-guarding is a very serious job and that you have to be on your guard

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Кадър от епизод Епизод 22
Епизод 22 - Епизод 22

When Matt is out water-skiing, he sees a young woman being swept into the ocean. When he has rescued her, she tells him she lost all her money in the water and that she needed the money for her audition. She wants to become an actress. She introduces herself as Rachel Henderson, and Matt feels sorry for her and loans her $ 100.

Meanwhile, when Mitch is running on the beach, he sees a man sleeping in the sand. Then he realizes that the man is about to be run over by a beach tractor. He rescues the man just in time and the man introduces himself as Henry Krebbs. He tells Mitch that he is looking for his runaway daughter Nancy. His description matches Rachel\'s exactly. Henry tells Mitch that he is dying of cancer and wants to meet his daughter before he dies.

The next day when Rachel doesn\'t return to give Matt his money back, Matt finds a receipt in the dryer. The note leads him to the marina where he finds Rachel. She runs away and when he captures her and tells her that her father is d

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