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Bleak House
Студената къща
2005 HD Драма Европейски Сериали
15 x 50 мин. 8.4

Bleak House / Студената къща
Bleak House / Студената къща
Жанр Драма Европейски Сериали
Държава САЩ, Великобритания
Година 2005   15 x 50 мин.
Режисьор Терънс Грос
Актьори Ана Максуел Мартин, Денис Лоусън, Джилиън Андерсън, Тимъти Уест, Филип Дейвис, Чарлз Денс, Натаниъл Паркър

Епична адаптация на Би Би Си по един от най-добрите романи на Чарлз Дикенс, по сценарий на Андрю Дейвис (”Гордост и предразсъдъци”). Носител на 2 награди ”Еми”, номиниран за ”Еми” в още 8 категории. Номиниран и за 2 награди ”Златен глобус”.
Мини-сериалът разказва за неуредиците в британската съдебна система през 19-ти век. Лондонското висше общество се сблъсква с простолюдието, след като младият Ричард Карстоун и братовчедка му Ейда са въвлечени във водещото се от години съдебно дело ”Джарндайс срещу Джарндайс”. Въвлечени са в света, в който парите и семейното име значат много. Това е свят на тайни, убийства и безскрупулни адвокати.
Виж всички сезони на Студената къща тук:

Anna Maxwell Martin
"Esther Summerson"

Denis Lawson

Carey Mulligan
"Ada Clare"

Gillian Anderson
"Lady Dedlock"

Charles Dance
"Mr. Tulkinghorn"

Patrick Kennedy

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Young orphan Esther Summerson (Anna Maxwell Martin) is brought to the High Court of Chancery by lawyer Mr Kenge (Alistair McGowan). There she\'s thrown together with two wards of the court, Richard Carstone (Patrick Kennedy) and Ada Clare (Carey Mulligan).Both are caught up in the infamous suit of Jarndyce and Jarndyce, which brings nothing but ruin and despair to all it touches.At the Chancery courts, the three meet other beleaguered participants in the case, including the eccentric Miss Flite (Pauline Collins), who lodges nearby with the peculiar, and drunk, rag and bottle merchant, Krook (Johnny Vegas).They have another lodger, Nemo (John Lynch), a very mysterious figure. He\'s a law-writer by trade, but a self-destructive opium addict by nature. When Esther bumps into him, she feels a strange shiver of recognition.Esther, Richard and Ada spend their last night in London with the Jellyby family, before setting off to Bleak House to live with their new guardian John Jarndyce (Denis Lawson).They are astonished to find the Jellyby household running to ruin as a result of Mrs Jellyby (Liza Tarbuck) spending more time dealing with far-flung matters of philanthropy than the problems on her own doorstep. Esther sympathises with her daughter, Caddy (Natalie Press), who is at her wits\' end.Esther, Ada and Richard receive a warm welcome at Bleak House from Mr Jarndyce. There they are introduced to his friend, Harold Skimpole (Nathaniel Parker), a man who shirks responsibility for his actions, as well as the public-spirited Mrs Pardiggle (Roberta Taylor). She escorts Esther, Ada and Richard on a charitable excursion to the slum dwellings of some poverty-stricken brick makers. There they witness the death of Jenny\'s (Charlie Brooks) baby.Later, Guppy (Burn Gorman), a Lawyer\'s clerk, declares his feelings for Esther and proposes marriage. But Esther turns him down, saying she could never marry him.Meanwhile, the elegant life of the beautiful Lady Dedlock (Gillian Anderson) is turned upside down when her husband\'s lawyer, Tulkinghorn (Charles Dance), gets wind of a secret from her past. She recognises the handwriting on a legal document, and Tulkinghorn determines to find out the name of the writer.Tulkinghorn\'s investigation leads him into the dark underbelly of London, where he discovers that the writing belongs to Nemo. But when Tulkinghorn finally tracks Nemo down, he discovers that the law-writer is dead..

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Tulkinghorn (Charles Dance) and Krook (Johnny Vegas) call out the doctor, Allan Woodcourt (Richard Harrington). He suspects that Nemo\'s (John Lynch) death was caused by an accidental overdose of opium.The Coroner (Peter Guinness) confirms as much. Nemo is given a pauper\'s funeral. At the gloomy burial ground Tulkinghorn interrogates a young crossing-sweeper, named only Jo (Harry Eden), whom Nemo had befriended. He\'s convinced Jo knows something.Meanwhile, Ada (Carey Mulligan) and Richard (Patrick Kennedy) are beginning to fall in love. Jarndyce instructs Richard that it\'s time to choose an occupation. Very quickly, he decides upon a career in medicine.As a result, arrangements are made for Richard to study with Mr Bayham Badger (Richard Griffiths) in Chelsea. The four have dinner with him and the irrepressible Mrs Badger (Joanna David) who continually talks about her former husbands. There they encounter Allan Woodcourt. He and Esther are attracted to one another.At Chesney Wold, Lady Dedlock (Gillian Anderson) has taken a shine to the young maid Rosa (Emma Williams) – to the absolute horror of her existing French maid, Hortense (Lilo Baur).However, Lady Dedlock has more serious troubles when Tulkinghorn gleefully informs her that Nemo is dead. Later, as Lady Dedlock sits alone in the darkness, she sheds a tear.Meanwhile, Krook (Johnny Vegas) is gloating over a bundle of letters he filched from Nemo\'s trunk under Tulkinghorn\'s nose. Although he can\'t read, he thinks they smell like love letters.

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Ada (Carey Mulligan) confides in Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin) that she and Richard (Patrick Kennedy) are in love. They wish to get engaged, but their guardian Jarndyce (Denis Lawson) disapproves and tells them it\'s far too soon to take this step. Reluctantly the pair agree to wait.Meanwhile, Richard\'s struggling with his medical studies, and decides to quit in favour of the law. But with his increasing obsession in matters at Chancery, will he come to regret the decision? In court with Ada, he meets Mr Gridley (Tony Haygarth) – an irascible and frustrated suitor who has wasted his life in pursuit of reward. Gridley flies off the handle at Tulkinghorn, who, enraged, orders a warrant for his arrest.Caddy Jellyby (Natalie Press) tells Esther she\'s entered into a secret engagement with Prince Turveydrop (Bryan Dick), the son of a dancing master. His father, Old Mr Turveydrop (Matthew Kelly), is a lazy, self-centred old man who preens around, showing off his deportment, whilst his son does all the work.Esther is also falling in love - she and Allan Woodcourt (Richard Harrington) have become close. But she\'s deeply disappointed to hear the news that he\'s taken a job as a ship\'s surgeon on a long voyage. A little hope remains, however, when she receives some flowers from him as a keepsake.Skimpole (Nathaniel Parker) joyfully announces that his old adversary, Mr Neckett the bailiff, has died. But when Jarndyce and Esther hear that he had a young family, they decide to visit his lodgings. There, they find that his daughter, Charley (Katie Angelou), is working as a washerwoman to provide for her siblings. Jarndyce resolves that they should take action.Elsewhere, Lady Dedlock (Gillian Anderson) instructs Tulkinghorn (Charles Dance) to cease his enquiries about Nemo (John Lynch). Nonetheless, she decides to conduct her own secret investigation tracking Jo (Harry Eden), the crossing sweeper, down at night and paying him to guide her around Nemo\'s old haunts. Finally, she visits his burial ground, where she\'s overcome with grief.

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Епизод 4 - Епизод 4

Jarndyce (Denis Lawson) takes Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin) and Ada (Carey Mulligan) to visit his friend, Mr Boythorn (Warren Clarke), in the Leicestershire countryside.In the local church, Esther has a strange encounter with Boythorn\'s neighbour Lady Dedlock (Gillian Anderson) in which both feel a mysterious pull of recognition.Later, on a country walk, Jarndyce, Esther and Ada are caught in a storm and take shelter at the same place as Lady Dedlock. She asks Jarndyce for confirmation that Esther is indeed an orphan. Then, after listening to another unruly outburst, Lady Dedlock sacks her fiery maid, Hortense (Lilo Baur).Meanwhile, Jarndyce is jealous to overhear Esther tell Ada about her affection for Woodcourt (Richard Harrington). He\'s starting to have feelings for Esther himself...Back in London, Richard (Patrick Kennedy) is now working at Kenge and Carboys, and showing an unhealthy interest in the Jarndyce and Jarndyce suit.Guppy (Burn Gorman) pays a visit to Snagsby\'s (Sean McGinley) law-writing shop, where he meets Mrs Chadband (Catherine Tate). She happened to work for Miss Barbary, Esther\'s former guardian, in the past, and informs Guppy that Esther\'s real surname is Hawdon.Guppy decides to investigate further by chasing the matter up with Krook (Johnny Vegas). But Krook is so wily – and so drunk – that he doesn\'t get very far.A policeman has also called at Snagsby\'s with Jo (Harry Eden), the crossing sweeper, in tow. Jo has a substantial amount of money in his possession, and the policeman doesn\'t believe his story about the lady who gave it to him.Snagsby takes Jo\'s story to Tulkinghorn, and is introduced to Inspector Bucket (Alun Armstrong). After finding Jo, they bring him to Tulkinghorn\'s (Charles Dance) office, where he\'s startled to see what appears to be the same lady who gave him the money.

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Епизод 5 - Епизод 5

Richard (Patrick Kennedy) puts further strain on his relationship with Jarndyce (Denis Lawson) by announcing his intention to quit the law and join the army. Jarndyce warns him that this must be his final choice of career, and that he needs to take his employment seriously, since no good will ever come of his Chancery hopes.Charley Neckett (Katie Angelou) turns up as a not wholly welcome gift for Esther. Jarndyce has employed her as Esther\'s (Anna Maxwell Martin) maid without consulting her first.Elsewhere, Caddy (Natalie Press) and Prince (Bryan Dick) announce their engagement to Old Mr Turveydrop (Matthew Kelly). He is most displeased, until they pledge to work together to make his life more agreeable.Gridley\'s (Tony Haygarth) on the run from the law, following Tulkinghorn\'s arrest warrant. He asks his old friend, Miss Flite (Pauline Collins), if she can take him in. But she points him in the direction of Sergeant George (Hugo Speer), a noble ex-soldier who now owns a gym. Among his fencing pupils is Richard, who\'s learning the arts of war in preparation for joining his regiment.Unfortunately for George, he has become embroiled in Tulkinghorn\'s (Charles Dance) investigation. Clamb (Tom Georgeson) has managed to identify Nemo (John Lynch) as a Captain Hawdon, in debt to the moneylender Smallweed (Phil Davis). George was a close friend of Hawdon\'s during their army days, and he now also owes Smallweed money.Tulkinghorn desperately wants to get hold of a sample of Hawdon\'s hand-writing for comparison. He sends Smallweed to blackmail George into providing a letter from Hawdon. But George isn\'t interested in helping.Meanwhile, Inspector Bucket (Alun Armstrong) follows Miss Flite to the gym where a dying Gridley is discovered. Before an arrest can be made, Gridley passes away.

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George (Hugo Speer) meets Tulkinghorn (Charles Dance) to discuss his demands, but is suspicious of the lawyer\'s motives. Smallweed (Phil Davis) is desperate to squeeze George for all he can, but Tulkinghorn instructs him to bide his time. Back at the gym, George worries what the future may hold for himself and his assistant, Phil Squod (Michael Smiley).Guppy\'s (Burn Gorman) still pursuing his interest in Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin). He pays another visit to an extremely drunken Krook (Johnny Vegas). At the mention of the name Hawdon, Krook allows him a tantalising glimpse of his love letters, but he won\'t let Guppy get his hands on them.The Dedlocks receive a visitor to Chesney Wold – Mr Rouncewell, the housekeeper’s wealthy son. His son has fallen in love with Lady Dedlock\'s (Gillian Anderson) maid, Rosa (Emma Williams), and Rouncewell wants to take her away to be educated. While Sir Leicester (Timothy West) takes the offer as an affront to the nobility of his household, Lady Dedlock is acutely concerned at the thought of losing the girl who has become like a daughter to her.Later, Lady Dedlock receives another visit, this time from Guppy. He outlines his recent discoveries – including the fact that Esther\'s real name is Hawdon. She agrees to his offer to retrieve the letters that Krook stole from Nemo (John Lynch).Bleak House also receives a visitor - Allan Woodcourt\'s mother (Di Botcher), who makes it clear that she doesn\'t see Esther as a worthy partner for her son.Esther and Charley (Katie Angelou) discover that Jo (Harry Eden) is seriously ill. They find him with Jenny (Charlie Brooks) and take him home to Bleak House so that they can care for him, ignoring Skimpole\'s (Nathaniel Parker) advice to turf him out.However, in the middle of the night, Jo mysteriously disappears...

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Епизод 7 - Епизод 7

The residents of Bleak House search for Jo (Harry Eden), who\'s disappeared during the night. But he\'s been spirited away by Tulkinghorn (Charles Dance) and Bucket (Alun Armstrong) to stop him revealing anything about his meeting with them, and his earlier encounter with Lady Dedlock (Gillian Anderson).The next morning, further disaster strikes, when Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin) falls ill with smallpox. Her very life hangs in the balance. But she eventually regains consciousness and looks set to recover.In pursuit of the letters for Lady Dedlock, Guppy (Burn Gorman) heads over to Krook\'s (Johnny Vegas) house. There, he finds Miss Flite (Pauline Collins) and Snagsby (Sean McGinley) worrying about the peculiar smell in the air. Venturing inside, Guppy is shocked to discover that Krook is dead.The Coroner\'s (Peter Guinness) verdict is spontaneous combustion. Guppy is thwarted again, as Smallweed (Phil Davis) claims ownership of all of Krook\'s property. Disappointed, Guppy tells Lady Dedlock of his failure to find the letters. As he is about to leave, they are surprised by Tulkinghorn, who senses that Guppy is up to something.Tulkinghorn and Smallweed decide that the time has come to call in Sgt George\'s (Hugo Speer) debt.

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Епизод 8 - Епизод 8

Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin) admits to Jarndyce (Denis Lawson) that she\'s given up hope of a relationship with Woodcourt (Richard Harrington). She feels her disfigurement makes it impossible for any man to love her. Jarndyce agonises over whether to keep his own feelings for her concealed.Guppy makes a big mistake by letting slip to Smallweed (Phil Davis) about Nemo\'s letters.Tulkinghorn (Charles Dance) is close to piecing together Lady Dedlock\'s (Gillian Anderson) secret. Sergeant George (Hugo Speer) reluctantly provides a handwriting sample, which matches the legal documents penned by Nemo (John Lynch). It proves without doubt that Nemo was Captain Hawdon.Meanwhile, Esther, Ada (Carey Mulligan), Charley (Katie Angelou) and Jarndyce pay Boythorn (Warren Clarke) another visit. The girls take a walk through Chesney Wold where they encounter Lady Dedlock, who asks to speak to Esther alone.Lady Dedlock reveals that she is Esther\'s mother. The shocked Esther learns that Lady Dedlock had been told her baby had died and only recently learned of her existence. Despite the revelation, Lady Dedlock insists no-one should know their secret, and they should never meet again.

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Епизод 9 - Епизод 9

Esther\'s (Anna Maxwell Martin) in shock following Lady Dedlock\'s (Gillian Anderson) confession that she\'s her mother. But she keeps her word and refuses to tell Ada (Carey Mulligan) her secret.Meanwhile, with Boythorn (Warren Clarke) and Jarndyce (Denis Lawson) away on business, Esther and Ada go to the local pub, where Esther is surprised to see Richard (Patrick Kennedy).Richard\'s interest in Chancery has become an obsession, and Esther is worried when she discovers that, on Skimpole\'s (Nathaniel Parker) advice, he has now employed his own lawyer, the vampiric Mr Vholes (Dermot Crowley). Esther can see that Vholes intends to bleed Richard dry, but there is little she can do to prevent it.Smallweed\'s (Phil Davis) many hours of searching through Krook\'s (Johnny Vegas) old legal papers finally pay off when he discovers Captain Hawdon\'s (John Lynch) bundle of love letters. Guppy (Burn Gorman) offers Smallweed money for the letters. But, Tulkinghorn (Charles Dance) steps out of the shadows and warns him off. Much to Smallweed\'s astonishment – and great delight – Tulkinghorn offers him a much bigger sum for the letters.Having gathered all his evidence, Tulkinghorn visits Chesney Wold. There, he shows his hand, relating Lady Dedlock\'s scandalous history to herself and Sir Leicester (Timothy West) as if it were that of \'a townsman\'s of Mr Rouncewell\'. Sir Leicester finds it too shocking to be believed.When they are alone, Lady Dedlock tells Tulkinghorn that she will flee Chesney Wold that night, before the scandal breaks. But he turns the tables on her, claiming that, in order to protect the family honour, he will keep her secret, as long as she does nothing. Now, she is totally in his power.

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Епизод 10 - Епизод 10

Tulkinghorn (Charles Dance) believes Lady Dedlock (Gillian Anderson) is in his power. But she continues to defy him by sending Rosa (Emma Williams) away to save her from any impending scandal.Back in London, Hortense (Lilo Baur) angers Tulkinghorn by accusing him of breaking his promise to find her a position as a lady\'s maid. Bucket (Alun Armstrong) later drags her down to the station to give her a warning. He makes Hortense write down her address, promising to keep an eye on her.Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin) plans a visit to London, where she and Ada (Carey Mulligan) see the newly pregnant Caddy (Natalie Press).However, she has an ulterior motive for the trip: seeing Guppy (Burn Gorman) to tell him to stop investigating her past. When Esther lifts her veil and shows him her scarred face, Guppy\'s only too happy to agree to her wishes as long as he can retract his proposal.Ada and Esther go to see Richard and they find him at court. He is soon leaving to join his regiment in Deal, but Vholes (Dermot Crowley) and Skimpole (Nathaniel Parker) are worried by his enormous debts.Back at Bleak House, Jarndyce (Denis Lawson) tells the girls that Sir Leicester (Timothy West) has invited them to Chesney Wold. Sir Leicester\'s worried that they may have been offended by his lack of courtesy when they visited Boythorn (Warren Clarke). Esther\'s horrified by the idea, and reveals to Jarndyce that Lady Dedlock (Gillian Anderson) is her mother. As he comforts her, Jarndyce comes clean about his feelings and asks Esther to marry him.Meanwhile, Sergeant George\'s (Hugo Speer) furious when Tulkinghorn breaks his promise not to call in his debt, leaving him in financial ruin.

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Vholes (Dermot Crowley) pays a visit to Bleak House to appeal to Jarndyce\'s (Denis Lawson) generosity in the hope that he\'ll pay Richard\'s (Patrick Kennedy) debts.Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin) and Ada (Carey Mulligan) visit Richard (Patrick Kennedy) in Deal, where Ada offers him her inheritance to help ease his financial woes. Richard\'s deeply touched by the gesture, but the offer has come too late – he\'s selling out of the Army.The girls return to the inn to find it in an uproar: the brave hero of the shipwrecked Indiaman has returned to port. Before she can take this in, Esther comes face to face with Woodcourt (Richard Harrington), and their meeting raises some uncomfortable questions for her.Meanwhile, Jenny (Charlie Brooks) finds a very ill Jo (Harry Eden) wandering the streets of London. After returning to the city, Woodcourt stumbles upon them and realises immediately that Jo\'s illness is a matter of life and death.Elsewhere, Tulkinghorn (Charles Dance) discovers that Lady Dedlock (Gillian Anderson) has crossed him and dismissed Rosa (Emma Williams). Furious, he announces that their deal is off. He will now expose her secret at some unspecified point.Meanwhile, despite Woodcourt\'s efforts Jo passes away at the gym. Before he dies, he reveals his fear of being found by Tulkinghorn. Sergeant George (Hugo Speer) rails against Tulkinghorn\'s maliciousness. Phil (Michael Smiley) tries to calm him without success. Still seething, George leaves – but Phil notices that one of the pistols he was cleaning is missing.Clamb (Tom Georgeson) leaves the office for the night, bumping into George in the alley nearby. Later, Tulkinghorn is shot...

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Clamb (Tom Georgeson) discovers Tulkinghorn\'s (Charles Dance) body. Bucket (Alun Armstrong) begins investigating the case. He quickly learns from Clamb that George was spotted at the scene of the crime and had previously issued violent threats against Tulkinghorn. It\'s only circumstantial evidence so far, but it\'s damning nonetheless. And while Sir Leicester (Timothy West) offers a reward for the arrest of the murderer, Lady Dedlock (Gillian Anderson) is keeping quiet.Phil (Michael Smiley) wants to know where Sergeant George (Hugo Speer) got to the night before with the pistol. But they\'re interrupted by the arrival of Smallweed (Phil Davis), who\'s come to do an inventory of all George\'s goods. He leaves in a hurry when George raises a pistol at him. But Smallweed gets his own back by fingering George as a potential suspect to Bucket. He also demands the return of the Hawdon letters he sold to Tulkinghorn, but Bucket\'s having none of it.Meanwhile, Caddy (Natalie Press) has had her baby, but both mother and child are very ill. Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin) and Ada (Carey Mulligan) visit her and dismiss the quack doctor employed by Old Mr Turveydrop (Matthew Kelly). They send for Allan Woodcourt (Richard Harrington) instead, who quickly improves Caddy\'s condition. It\'s more than evident that the flame still burns between him and Esther. However, she firmly attempts to hold her feelings in check.Later, at Ada\'s 21st birthday party, Richard makes a rare visit to his guardian\'s house but finds it very difficult to conceal his hostility. When Ada remarks to Esther of Woodcourt\'s evident feelings for her, Esther owns up to her engagement to Jarndyce (Denis Lawson). Ada\'s shocked to have been excluded from the secret.Meanwhile, in the middle of Phil\'s birthday celebrations, Bucket arrests Sergeant George. It appears that he\'s wrapped up the Tulkinghorn murder case quickly. But a spate of poison-pen letters which suggest that all\'s not as it seems and that Lady Dedlock is a \'murderess\'.

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Jarndyce (Denis Lawson) brings Mrs Rouncewell (Anne Reid) to her son, Sergeant George (Hugo Speer), and they\'re reunited in his cell. She pleads with him to use a lawye. Eventually he relents, on condition that his brother is not involved. Their old rivalry still won\'t let him swallow his pride.Inspector Bucket (Alun Armstrong) continues his investigations, after receiving a poison pen letter pointing the finger of suspicion at Lady Dedlock (Gillian Anderson). He interviews Mercury (Richard Cant) about Lady Dedlock\'s movements on the night in question. But the footman can\'t quite place what Lady Dedlock wore for her night walk, as she has so many clothes.Above stairs, Mrs Rouncewell pays an unexpected visit to the Dedlocks\' London house, where she begs her mistress to help George. She hands over a letter which was delivered to her at Chesney Wold. Alone, Lady Dedlock opens it. It reads \'Lady Dedlock Murderess\'.Elsewhere, Woodcourt (Richard Harrington) and Richard (Patrick Kennedy) have become good friends. Woodcourt talks of his envy of the love Ada (Carey Mulligan) holds for Richard. He wishes he had the same from Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin), and reveals his intention to propose to her soon.Next day, Esther and Ada pay Richard a visit. Esther is surprised that Ada seems to know the way there. Richard greets them warmly but is clearly very unwell. Esther is devastated to learn that Ada is not going back with her. She and Richard have married in secret, and she is staying with her husband.Inspector Bucket\'s investigation gathers steam when he identifies the mysterious letter-writer as Hortense (Lilo Baur). As evidence mounts against Lady Dedlock, Bucket sets a trap for the killer - which results in the arrest of Hortense for the murder of Tulkinghorn (Charles Dance).

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Епизод 14 - Епизод 14

Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin) tells Jarndyce (Denis Lawson) about Richard (Patrick Kennedy) and Ada\'s (Carey Mulligan) marriage. Later, Woodcourt (Richard Harrington) visits Esther to talk about Richard\'s increasing ill health, and his concerns about Skimpole\'s (Nathaniel Parker) negative influence upon him.Elsewhere, Sergeant George (Hugo Speer) is released from prison. His mother, Mrs Rouncewell (Anne Reid) is delighted that her son is a free man. She tells him that she\'s found a solution to his financial worries. She has arranged with Sir Leicester (Timothy West) that he can work at Chesney Wold, looking after the horses. Phil (Michael Smiley) will join them.There\'s yet more trouble for Lady Dedlock (Gillian Anderson) in the shape of the evil moneylender, Smallweed (Phil Davis). He obtains the love letters exchanged between Lady Dedlock and Captain Hawdon (John Lynch) and sells them to Sir Leicester. Tipped off by Guppy (Burn Gorman), Lady Dedlock flees into the night, determined not to bring shame on the family name.After a long search, Esther and Bucket (Alun Armstrong) find her dead at the gates of the cemetery where Captain Hawdon lies buried.

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Епизод 15 - Епизод 15

Months have passed since Lady Dedlock\'s (Gillian Anderson) death. Richard\'s (Patrick Kennedy) obsession with Chancery has left him seriously ill. When Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin) visits Ada (Carey Mulligan), she finds her desperately concerned for Richard\'s health. Ada also reveals she\'s pregnant, but doubts Richard will live to see his child.Woodcourt (Richard Harrington) tells Esther that Jarndyce (Denis Lawson) has found him a position as a medical practitioner in the North. He plans to take the job, but first declares Esther the love of his life, and proposes. He wants to take her with him to Yorkshire. However, Esther has to turn him down, admitting she\'s not free to marry since she\'s engaged to Jarndyce.Esther\'s left very upset, but pulls herself together and asks Jarndyce the next morning to set a date for their wedding. They will marry in a month.Meanwhile, Smallweed (Phil Davis) discovers an important document amongst Krook\'s (Johnny Vegas) many papers – a will from the original John Jarndyce. The impossible finally happens – a result in Chancery.Richard\'s the true heir to the inheritance - but all the money goes on court casts. The only victor is Chancery itself. It\'s the final blow to Richard who dies shortly afterwards.Jarndyce breaks off his engagement to Esther. He realises she\'s in love with Woodcourt, and leaves the pair free to marry.

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    Уважаеми Госпожи и Господа, "Гордост и предразсъдъци" е роман от Джейн Остин.

    Сорри, сега видях, че ставало въпрос за режисирания филм
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uBlock Origin
1. Натиснете върху иконката на Adblock в горния десен ъгъл.
2. От менюто изберете "Не изпълнявай за страниците в сайта".
3. Ще се появи нов прозорец в който трябва да натиснете върху "Изключи". Страницата ще се презареди. Готово! Вече можете да гледате филми свободно.

1. Натиснете върху иконката на Adblock Plus в горния десен ъгъл.
2. Натиснете върху надписа "Разрешено за сайта" , трябва надписа да стане "Забранено за сайта". Готово! Вече можете да гледате филми свободно.

1. Натиснете върху иконката на uBlock Origin в горния десен ъгъл.
2. Натиснете върху голямия син бутон, трябва цвета му от син да стане на сив. Готово! Вече можете да гледате филми свободно.